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3 designs you should use on real estate postcards to grab customers attention

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Everyone in the real estate business knows that it’s a tricky business to get into, and once you are in, it’s a more demanding business to stay in. The postcards that you make for your real estate company will gain you more business and engagement and keep you in a competitive business longer. A postcard is also meant to help your credibility and reputation and does so seamlessly and efficiently.

An eye-catching design

An eye-catching design is meant to grab your client’s attention and not let go. If you make the right decisions as far as the design and branding choices, you will be able to target a specific set of customers. Those customers will remember you, and as a result, your business will be improved.

A good design will start with a color scheme. You need to find one that is innovative, creative, and looks beautiful. Then you will look at your layout. To have a professional but not overly done postcard, you will need only one heading and two or possibly three subheadings. Please do not go beyond this because it looks tacky and cluttered. You want to make sure that your potential clients are going straight to the point. You are not getting sidetracked.

Personalization makes real estate postcards stand out

The most successful real estate postcards are personal and less detached, reach out to Wise Pelican to get it. That provides your clients with the chance to feel like they know you. It also helps you generate an almost fifty percent higher response rate. Popular designs that allow for this to happen are the utilization of different fonts and ideas and beautifully designed pictures and images. The best images to use are high-resolution. No blurring or cloudy photos will help you in this endeavor. Another tip is to look at marketing trends and housing data. There have been proven reports of real estate agents gaining over five percent more success when they add informative content that adds to your credibility and when they include other important information.

Simple is better

Many designs that you will come across are flashy and designed to be ‘edgy.’ While they are creative, they overwhelm people. Pick something clean and straightforward. The essential elements are the picture and your information. Instead of a showy option, pick something clean and clear that gets your message across. The card can still be beautiful without all the extras. Make your value clear by having relevant content so that you and your business are a success in the future.

The best promotion

With a simple card and a great design, you will find that you stand out against the competition, but more professionally. Instead of being in your client’s face, you will be engaging them on a better level without making them upset. A straightforward card also helps them from getting overwhelmed and having to read unnecessary information. People like to see what they need to in less than five seconds; they tend to move on and quickly if they can’t. Avoid that by having your card go straight to the point. Now that you have read our tips and tricks, you can make the best care possible for your business.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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