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White House ’08: Obama holds steady lead in polls

Story by Chris Graham

Barack Obama holds a steady six-point lead in the daily tracking polls of Gallup and Rasmussen Reports, and the state numbers are looking good for the Democrat as well.

Obama has a three-point lead in the Sunshine State according to Public Policy Polling. The PPP poll has Obama ahead among independent voters in Florida by a 48 percent-to-40 percent margin. Obama and John McCain were tied among Florida independents three weeks ago.

Rasmussen has Obama and McCain tied overall.

Obama has also surged to a solid lead among independent voters in Virginia, according to Rasmussen. The Rasmussen poll had Obama ahead among independents by a 52 percent-to-41 percent margin.

Obama leads McCain overall in Virginia by a 50 percent-to-47 percent gap.

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