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Why a church texting service is a powerful tool connecting congregation

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Because we live in an age where everyone is going digital, churches are now using texting services that can benefit the congregation.  It is a simple way to reach multiple people, and it’s valuable because everyone uses their phones for over thirty percent of their daily activity. Because of that, a church can get its message out faster. The only real issue with text messaging is that it has to be kept short, making you feel like you are missing part of the message.

Volunteers can remain informed

Many churches have classes for little ones and areas where volunteers can help the church. Because of that, a texting service is a helpful way to let them know when they need to come in and what they need to do. Last-minute openings can be hard to call forty or more people about, making it much easier to connect.  Group texting is beneficial to churches because there are usually separate volunteers in every area of the church. Having someone in charge of informing people becomes helpful because you can send out a handful of group texts instead of a hundred small ones creates less work, less hassle, and fewer issues with someone missing out on vital information.

A church texting service can increase attendance

By implementing a church texting service, you can also ensure that you get more people to see what your church can do for them. Finding a church that meets your needs is essential, and having a texting service can help you get some research done to see if this is the church for you. It encourages registration and is a friendly option to keep in touch.

It also lets you know when the church has bible studies, small groups (where you go to someone’s house instead of conducting bible study at church), or fundraisers and activities that they have going on. Additionally, many churches have events that take place with special speakers. These events fill up fast, and it cannot be easy to stay informed. Text messaging helps greatly here as well.

Keep your youth engaged

One of the challenging things that churches are having issues with is keeping youth in church and learning. One great way to grow your youth groups and ensure that they stay focused is through a texting program. Show the younger generation that you care for them and ensure that they are active in the church.

Children can receive care at the churches, and it only takes a simple text to find out what to do. In many cases, they will text you and have four to five teachers for each area so that the children get plenty of attention and can have fun.

Join the texting

Now that you know the benefits of texting services, you can take advantage of your church’s services or start one for your church. It will help people see the great lessons your church can provide and bring people together to find spiritual happiness.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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