Where to hire a dedicated software development team?

dedicated software development team

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What is the best place to hire a dedicated software development team? Read our analysis to learn which country is best for hiring a dedicated development team.

Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team: Which Country Is Best?

Where should one be looking for a dedicated software development team? What is the best region and country to search for a dedicated development team? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions our analysis is exactly what you need. In this article, we will explain what a dedicated development team is, why remote software development is a good idea and which country is best for hiring a dedicated software development team.

Software outsourcing and the dedicated software development team model have become quite popular in recent times. This is not surprising as they offer noteworthy advantages which classical in-house development just can’t offer. Before we discuss those advantages let’s first remind ourselves what an offshore dedicated development team is.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team and Why Is It a Good Idea?

Basically, it’s a remote team of software engineers, QA specialists, designers, DevOps engineers and other stakeholders who work exclusively for the end client while being officially employed by an outsourcing company. Also, in most cases, team members work at the outsourcing’s company office and communicate with the client via the web.

Such an outsourcing model offers lower operational and development expenditures without sacrificing quality as well as less legal hassle and paperwork. For this reason, many prominent companies, many of which include famous Silicon Valley startups use the services of IT staff augmentation companies such as CyberCraft.

Why the Location of Your Remote Software Development Team Is Important

However, before rushing right away to hire a dedicated team, you should carefully consider the location of your future developers. The reason it’s important is because the location determines what end results you will get.

Why? Because not every region can boast the same level of developers in a specific technology, the same level of English, salaries, business climate, taxes, and million other factors.

Therefore, it is worth taking the time to select the most suitable region for your project or company. So with this being said, the question remains – which country is best for hiring a dedicated software development team?

Ukraine – The Best Place to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

Our analysis shows that Ukraine is the best place for hiring a dedicated software development team. If you want a short answer why it’s all because of the price/quality ratio. Ukraine seems to offer the best dedicated development teams at the lowest price. But let’s see in detail what really makes Ukraine such an attractive outsourcing destination:

  • Cost savings. Average rates for dedicated developers in Ukraine provide significant cost savings to Western clients. The salaries and overall development costs are lower compared to the US, Canada or the UK. One should also take into account other expenditures such as taxes, cost of rent, equipment, employee benefits and so forth. All of these are significantly lower in Ukraine.
  • Rich expertise. Ukrainians occupy leading positions in many globally-recognized programmer skill rankings such as HackerRank. This demonstrates that Ukrainian developers are one of the most skilled and talented ones.
  • Geographical and cultural proximity. Ukraine is an Eastern European country which implies cultural proximity with most Western states. In addition, there’s only a seven-hour time-zone difference between Ukraine and East Coast of the US.
  • Free command of English. Recent surveys show that most Ukrainian developers can boast Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels of English, with over 11% Advanced. Considering these numbers you can be sure that there should not be any communication problems with your future Ukrainian software development team.

Of course, besides these, there exist many other reasons which make Ukraine a great choice for hiring a software development team. The advantages we brought up are the most significant though.


Hiring a dedicated software development team is definitely a great idea if approached diligently and carefully. One of the key factors which must be taken into account is the location of your remote development team.

Our analysis has shown that Ukraine is the best country for hiring a dedicated development team. Low development costs, rich expertise, geographical & cultural proximity and free command of English make it the best place to hire dedicated developers.


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