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Use world class technology to provide flexible ways of payments to your patients

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While large and multispecialty hospitals have a payment processing system that is comprehensive and speedy, individual dental practitioners are still struggling with a smooth flow of back-end administrative operations because of a lack of resources.

We live in a technology-driven era and we need to find solutions that make payment processing easier and speedy for our patients. This will allow you to focus on the dental health of your patients and leave the payment processing in the hands of dental merchants that can provide you with clear, practical solutions that work with a click of a button.

Partnering with safe, affordable, and reliable merchants like Core Financial Processing can help dental practitioners in providing flexible and safe payment solutions to their patients. Their team will help you in setting the credit card processing for dentists system at minimal cost with utmost transparency. For new dentists, this is a great point of start so that they can focus more on setting up their dental practice than on the administrative tasks to make the process flow easier for them.

Benefits of advanced payment processing systems in dental practice

  • Your patients can now pay through flexible and latest payment methods including mobile wallets and net banking.
  • Easy-to-use payment systems are all integrated into a single software, you do not need to purchase anything separately.
  • World-class technology enables you to manage and keep a track of all the dental supplies and inventory.
  • Enhanced automated systems send reminder calls or emails to the patient before their upcoming appointment.
  • You can easily save each of your patient’s charts including their dental history and appointment history in the automated system, so no more necessity for paper records.

Types of payment processing gateways that can work in a dental office

  1. Self-serve page on your website:
  •         It is flexible.
  •         Patients can pay from the comfort of their homes.
  •         Send an email receipt every time a payment is accepted.
  •         No specialized hardware is needed.
  •         It is a low-cost payment gateway that does not need any enhanced setups.
  •         It allows the patients to make payments remotely, thus, following social distancing protocol for covid-19 is easier.
  1. Email invoices:
  •         It is an automated system for your regular patients.
  •         Once their credit card information is stored, it can be used to send reminders regarding overdue and recurring payments.
  •         You can also send invoices to the email IDs of your patients once the payment is processed.
  1. Virtual terminals:
  •         Easily stores patient’s credit card details and personal information like a contact number.
  •         It is a secured payment gateway that allows you to take payments over the phone.
  •         You can also provide customized receipts to promote your brand name.
  1. Card swipe machines:
  •         Easy to swipe machines are handy and simple to use.
  •         A patient can make payment in the dental office itself with their credit or debit cards.

By partnering with a merchant, you can get all these benefits in one POS system for faster and affordable installation. These payment methods start working from the very first day of installation to reduce downtime. Most reliable merchants also provide troubleshooting support and backup protection when there is a network breakdown.

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