Top technology being used in parcel delivery today

Over the past few years, we have seen some dramatic changes in the technology being used in parcel delivery which has bettered the service available today. Whilst the future of parcel delivery remains indefinite, parcel senders can now compare delivery prices online with ease thanks to websites such as Plus, with the plan to use drones to drop parcels by parachute underway, we may see even more advanced developments in the future! Exciting, isn’t it? But for now, here’s the top technology being used in parcel delivery today:

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has major benefits for both business and consumer. Not only do delivery businesses save money on fuel by finding the best route, but they can also be notified of upcoming traffic problems to ensure the delivery remains on track. Plus, customers can find out the location of their parcel at any given time, too. And if either the parcel sender or recipient has an enquiry, businesses can locate the parcel almost instantly.


The introduction of barcodes has helped fasten information processing and has streamlined operation for several industries, including parcel delivery. Barcode technology is much more accurate than manually entering information about parcels, eliminating the possibility of error in such a fast-paced environment, and barcodes allow delivery services to have better control of packages entering and leaving the warehouse.

Drone Technology

Whilst the revolution of drone delivery has been in the works for a while, it has finally landed. One of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers, Amazon, has recently introduced ‘Prime Air’ – a parcel delivery system designed to safely deliver your parcels by drone! Whilst it might not be available in your area just yet, it might be sooner than you think. Despite the advantages of very quick delivery, you’ll need an Amazon-branded helipad in your garden for the drone to land safely.

Improved Delivery Estimates

Customers’ shipping experience has significantly improved thanks to more accurate delivery estimates. Today, we no longer have to sit by the letterbox eagerly waiting for our goods to slide through the door. Regular SMS updates inform parcel recipients of when their parcel is due to arrive. Whilst delivery may be an hour or two away, it means the parcel recipient can ensure they are home to sign for the parcel if needed (or if it’s too big to post!) And if you’re not going to be home? There’s no need to fret! You can choose whether you want your parcel to be left in a safe place, delivered to a neighbour or to be redelivered at another time.

Fleet Management Software

Not only can the data recorded by fleet management software allow company managers to see when an employee starts and completes a delivery, they can detect drivers presenting unwanted driving behaviour, such as harsh braking or speeding. This is essential for both the safety of the driver and public, as well as the company’s finances. Speeding can cause excess fuel consumption and if the action is continuously repeated, it can cost a significant amount of money!


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