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Tips to dress properly for any occasion

Special functions and outings make every one thrilled. There is always an excitement of choice of dress for this occasion. Every event calls for a special type of attire. Some occasions require a formal dressing while others require an informal dressing. The choices of your makeup, hairdo and accessories also count. Fashion in all it entails is not about spending a lot of money for your physical appearance alone, it also entails how decent you look for the best suited occasion. By and large, how you look will determine how you are addressed.


dress properly for any occasion
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Weddings are a time to celebrate two individuals starting a new life. It is one of the happiest moments for everyone. It is a joyous and happy occasion, so it is advisable to dress in a way that shows the mood of the occasion. When you are dressing up for a weeding occasion, it is important to keep in mind whose weeding you are attending, then you are to dress accordingly. Weeding occasion requires a formal dressing so you are to avoid casual and strict dressing. Also you are to go with trends. Wear what is in fashion. It is advisable to wear attire with bright colors when going for a weeding occasion.

Also it is perfect to wear your cultural outfits when you plan attending such an occasion like this. Girls and women must use their jewelry. It is normal to wear your gold and diamond without been odd. As for your hair do, make it curled. Avoid the wet look effect and put on attire that makes you glamorous. Men must also align in their attire formally with their suits.

Dressing for church

When going for a church service, it is always expected to put on the right wear and attire because of the expected modesty, however, you still want to put in your style. It is therefore very important to go to church with the right dress mindset. When you plan attending a church occasion what are the things to put in mind.

Observe dress code

Make sure you observe the all the regulation for any dress code and appearances at the place of worship for the place you are attending

  • Make the best of anything you wear.
    When you are attending a church occasion, you are to make sure all the items you wear are presentable and in proper condition (well ironed, clean, neat). You are to wear all these items with full reverence with the meaning to your religion or faith. Most men prefer to go on suits, because of its elegance in style, but, even women can also go to church with these types of clothes and you can get the best church suits here.
  • Know the right thing to wear.
    Some places of worship require that your foot wear be removed, or men should not wear a head ware in the place of worship. Your socks should not have holes, no dirty toes or bed heads,

Modest Dressing

The church is a very great place for women to wear dresses or skirts, but very short skirts, not extremely low tops, and underwear.

Going on a Date

If you are going for your first date, your dressing needs to be gorgeous, smart but not to the extreme. During your first date, you need to create a positive impression that last and create a lasting impression to your audience. In your dressing you need to project a high degree of responsibility and a sense of respect for the person you are dating without going to the extreme to please him or her. A lack of commitment on your fist date will not work in your favor. This is the best time to create a long lasting impression on the woman or the man you are interested in. If you don’t use time to make a first lasting impression, you might not have another time

Casual Outing

When you want to go for a casual outing, such an occasion like this requires a short and a T-shirt to Khakis and a button from blouse. You will need to figure out certain things before deciding finally on what you will wear. If the outing is

an indoor occasion, your attire will definitely be different from when it is an outdoor occasion.

Casual Friday

What you will put on to your office on a casual Friday is different from what you will put on when you are going for a night football game in local high school. When you are going to office on a casual Friday, you should not wear something that will give a bad impression before your supervisors

Business and Work

When you are going for a business casual meeting or you are going to work, you should always look neat and well tosh together. Avoid appearing as though you are going to a cocktail party when you are going to your place of business. Putting on the wrong wear for an occasion can create the wrong impression with your business colleagues or partners. Never put on clothes that are very tight or oversized. Putting on the right attire with a good fit is always the good style