Senate panel approves Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist, to be EPA chief

congressThe Senate committee with oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency has narrowly approved President Trump’s nominee, Andrew Wheeler, to be the next EPA administrator.

“For any senator who truly cares about the health of her or his constituents, opposing Andrew Wheeler’s nomination should be an easy decision,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “As acting EPA administrator, Wheeler has repeatedly demonstrated that he’s as unfit to be in charge of protecting the public from pollution as a career thief would be as police chief.”

At a Washington Post forum in November, Wheeler was asked to name three policies he had implemented to reduce air and water pollution. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to give you three off the top of my head,” he replied.

“ The man who recently said he’d have trouble naming three things he’s done at EPA to improve air and water quality has no business running the agency in charge of protecting those resources,” Cook said.

Here are some of Wheeler’s actions that will put the health of the American people, including children, at risk:


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