Why your business website needs a blog page

Why your business website needs a blog page

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You may have a website for your small business, but it’s still not enough. You need a blog to outshine your peers and establish your brand or business as an expert in the business world. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 changed the global digital landscape and increased the time people spent online. Surveys show that people spent a record amount of time online. Things aren’t much different in 2021. Blog posts are still being consumed daily in their thousands. Blogs are still popular because customers like them. And, yes, you can start one and become successful at it.

Here’s why you need a blog for your small business.

A blog keeps your customers informed

No matter how local your business is, blogging will keep it at the front of your customers’ minds. This is where creating great content comes into play. You need to create good content to establish a relationship with your customers. Good content is the holy grail of blogging. Secondly, a blog doesn’t have to be only about your business. You could create blog posts solving customers’ problems and answering questions. This will help fuel your social media presence, thereby attracting new customers.

A blog will help drive traffic

Blogging will not only help establish your online presence but will also increase your visibility. You can convert this traffic into leads. What are leads? A lead is a potential client or customer who has shown interest in what you have to offer. There are some hacks to help convert traffic into leads. These include keeping your design simple, optimizing your sales funnel, creating a catchy CTA (Contextual Calls to Action) button, making use of popups, finding better keywords, etc.

A blog will establish you as an expert

A blog will allow you to establish your expertise in your field of business. To accomplish this feat, you need to carry out a lot of extensive research. Expertise will help differentiate you from your competitors, make you appear professional, and attract new readers. However, you should know that this may take time. That explains why you should make the whole process an enjoyable one for you. How? By looking out for niches you enjoy yourself. What do you enjoy reading?

A blog will help you attract new customers

The truth is, the majority of people who visit your blog for the first time will not buy your product. Even if you’re the best in your field of expertise. But attracting many customers will increase your chances of closing a deal with them. This is where crafting killer sales funnel comes into play. But what’s a ‘sales funnel’ all about? A sales funnel is basically the journey your new customers undergo to buy your product. You can check back for an article that throws more light on sales funnels.

The takeaway

Now you have seen the benefits of blogging. What’s holding you back from starting one? Your business needs it! And, if you don’t know how to start a small business, you could check here for more info.

Remember, don’t forget to add a lead-generating call-to-action at the end of your blog posts, plus make your blog posts sharable on social media. You never can tell where the chunk of your customers will come from.



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