newsvfbf agpac endorses 126 candidates for general assembly seats

AgPAC endorses 126 candidates for General Assembly seats

virginia state capitol
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Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC, Farm Bureau’s political action committee, announced its endorsement of 39 candidates for the Virginia Senate and 87 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates.

The endorsements are based on recommendations of local committees of farmers. “Candidates are evaluated through a grassroots process on their understanding of the needs and challenges that we as farmers face in today’s times,” said Wayne F. Pryor, VFBF president and chairman of the VFBF AgPAC board of trustees. “Those who have received the AgPAC endorsement have a history of supporting issues important to agriculture or have demonstrated their commitment through their participation in the evaluation process.

“We believe these candidates will help protect the agriculture and forestry industry and ensure that it remains the No. 1 industry in the commonwealth.”

The non-partisan VFBF AgPAC was created in 1999 and employs in-kind contributions and endorsements to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues.

The following candidates were endorsed (* indicates incumbent candidates):

Endorsed for Virginia Senate

1st District – T. Montgomery “Monty” Mason* (D)

2nd District – Mamie E. Locke* (D)

3rd District – Thomas K. Norment Jr.* (R)

4th District – Ryan T. McDougle* (R)

5th District – Lionell Spruill Sr.* (D)

6th District – Lynwood W. Lewis Jr.* (D)

8th District – William R. DeSteph Jr.* (R)

9th District – Jennifer L. McClellan* (D)

10th District – Glen H. Sturtevant Jr.* (R)

11th District – Amanda F. Chase* (R)

12th District – Siobhan S. Dunnavant* (R)

13th District – John Bell (D)

14th District – John A. Cosgrove Jr.* (R)

15th District – Frank M. Ruff Jr.* (R)

16th District – Joseph Morrissey (D)

17th District – Bryce E. Reeves* (R)

18th District – L. Louise Lucas* (D)

19th District – David R. Suetterlein* (R)

20th District – William M. Stanley Jr.* (R)

21st District – John S. Edwards* (D)

22nd District – Mark J. Peake* (R)

23rd District – Stephen D. Newman* (R)

24th District – Emmett W. Hanger Jr.* (R)

25th District – R. Creigh Deeds* (D)

26th District – Mark D. Obenshain* (R)

27th District – Jill Holtzman Vogel* (R)

28th District – Richard H. Stuart* (R)

29th District – Jeremy S. McPike* (D)

30th District – Adam P. Ebbin* (D)

31st District – Barbara A. Favola* (D)

32nd District – Janet D. Howell* (D)

33rd District – Jennifer B. Boysko* (D)

34th District – J. Chapman Petersen* (D)

35th District – Richard L. Saslaw* (D)

36th District – Scott A. Surovell* (D)

37th District – David W. Marsden* (D)

38th District – A. Benton Chafin Jr.* (R)

39th District – George L. Barker* (D)

40th District – Todd Pillion (R)

Endorsed for Virginia House of Delegates

1st District – Terry G. Kilgore* (R)

4th District – William C. “Will” Wampler III (R)

5th District – Israel D. O’Quinn* (R)

6th District – Jeffrey L. Campbell* (R)

7th District – L. Nick Rush* (R)

8th District – Joseph P. McNamara* (R)

9th District – Charles D. Poindexter* (R)

11th District – Sam Rasoul* (D)

12th District – Chris L. Hurst* (D)

13th District – Danica A. Roem* (D)

14th District – Daniel W. Marshall III* (R)

15th District – C. Todd Gilbert* (R)

16th District – Leslie R. “Les” Adams* (R)

17th District – Christopher T. Head* (R)

18th District – Michael J. Webert* (R)

19th District – Terry L. Austin* (R)

20th District – John Avoli (R)

22nd District – Kathy J. Byron* (R)

23rd District – Wendall Walker (R)

25th District – Chris Runion (R)

26th District – Tony O. Wilt* (R)

27th District – Roxann L. Robinson* (R)

29th District – Christopher E. Collins* (R)

32nd District – David A. Reid* (D)

33rd District – David A. LaRock* (R)

34th District – Kathleen J. Murphy* (D)

35th District – Mark L. Keam* (D)

36th District – Kenneth R. Plum* (D)

37th District – David L. Bulova* (D)

38th District – Kaye Kory* (D)

39th District – Vivian E. Watts* (D)

40th District – Timothy D. Hugo* (R)

41st District – Eileen Filler-Corn* (D)

42nd District – Kathy K.L. Tran* (D)

43rd District – Mark D. Sickles* (D)

44th District – Paul E. Krizek* (D)

45th District – Mark H. Levine* (D)

46th District – Charniele L. Herring* (D)

47th District – Patrick A. Hope* (D)

48th District – Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan Jr.* (D)

49th District – Alfonso H. Lopez* (D)

50th District – Ian Lovejoy (R)

51st District – Richard L. Anderson (R)

52nd District – Luke E. Torian* (D)

53rd District – Marcus B. Simon* (D)

54th District – Robert D. Orrock Sr.* (R)

55th District – Hyland F. “Buddy” Fowler Jr.* (R)

56th District – John J. McGuire III* (R)

57th District – Sally Hudson (D)

58th District – Robert B. Bell* (R)

59th District – C. Matthew Fariss* (R)

60th District – James E. Edmunds II* (R)

61st District – Thomas C. Wright Jr.* (R)

62nd District – Carrie Coyner (R)

63rd District – Lashrecse D. Aird* (D)

64th District – Emily M. Brewer* (R)

65th District – R. Lee Ware* (R)

66th District – M. Kirkland Cox* (R)

67th District – Karrie K. Delaney* (D)

68th District – Dawn M. Adams* (D)

69th District – Betsy B. Carr* (D)

70th District – Delores L. McQuinn* (D)

71st District – Jeffrey M. Bourne* (D)

74th District – Lamont Bagby* (D)

75th District – Roslyn C. Tyler* (D)

76th District – S. Chris Jones* (R)

77th District – C.E. “Cliff” Hayes Jr.* (D)

78th District – James A. “Jay” Leftwich Jr.* (R)

79th District – Stephen E. Heretick* (D)

80th District – Don Scott (D)

81st District – Barry D. Knight* (R)

82nd District – Jason S. Miyares* (R)

83rd District – Christopher P. Stolle* (R)

84th District – Glenn R. Davis Jr.* (R)

85th District – Alex Askew (D)

88th District – Mark L. Cole* (R)

89th District – Jerrauld C. “Jay” Jones* (D)

90th District – Joseph C. Lindsey* (D)

92nd District – Jeion A. Ward* (D)

93rd District – Michael P. Mullin* (D)

94th District – David E. Yancey* (R)

95th District – Marcia S. “Cia” Price* (D)

96th District – Amanda Batten (R)

97th District – Kevin D. Washington (D)

98th District – M. Keith Hodges* (R)

99th District – Margaret B. Ransone* (R)

100th District – Robert S. Bloxom Jr.* (R)




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