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VAP3 releases RFI for potential solar energy development project


earth-newThrough the Virginia Office of Public-Private Partnerships (VAP3), in coordination with the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Governor Terry McAuliffe released a Request for Information (RFI) exploring whether solar energy development at, around, and/or atop state-owned property and/or buildings would make business sense, address state priorities and benefit the public.

The RFI is seeking responses from individuals, firms, teams or organizations that have experience with solar energy development projects and that may have an interest in developing, designing, building and/or financing a solar energy public-private partnership (P3) project in Virginia. The issuing parties are seeking information that will help evaluate options for development, financing, procurement and/or delivery of the project, as well as identify potential site locations.

“As I stated in my Energy Plan, Virginia must find ways to increase the diversity of the fuel we use to power our economy,” said Governor McAuliffe.  “My administration is committed to tapping private sector innovation to determine how the public sector can lead by example.  Virginia has the drive and resources to become a leader in the energy sector. This RFI is one step forward in achieving this and sending the signal that Virginia is serious about enhancing its solar energy industry.”

“Solar energy is one of the strategic growth areas within this country’s dynamic energy sector,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones.  “Accelerating this sector’s growth will add businesses and jobs to the economy and provide benefits to our environment.  With the release of this RFI, we propose to explore the use of state assets to grow this industry.”

The RFI is one component of the Governor’s energy initiatives, which include the quadrennial Virginia Energy Plan centered on (1) growing and diversifying Virginia’s energy economy with a particular focus on renewable energy, and on measures to reduce energy costs and consumption statewide; and (2) the creation of a state solar energy development authority, which would facilitate solar energy P3 projects.

“The office of the Secretary of Transportation is committed to finding innovative ideas to generate new revenues in order to keep state facilities relevant and efficient,” said Secretary of Transportation Aubrey L. Layne, Jr. “This RFI is an example of an innovative idea to optimize the use of state assets and is the first step in assessing the best value for the Commonwealth.”

“Existing state assets have great potential to generate new revenues and reduce energy costs from solar energy,”said VAP3 Director J. Douglas Koelemay. “Responses to our RFI will help unlock this potential and help us keep our facilities in a state of good repair.”

For more information on the RFI and other project related information, visit http://www.p3virginia.org/projects/solar-energy-development/.



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