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The Agenda | Wednesday, Aug. 12


Heard again today from the Macker – who asked me and others on his weighty e-mail list from the gubernatorial primary to support with our dollars House Democratic candidates this fall.
“Pooling our resources together is the best way to ensure they’re spent most effectively – protecting vulnerable incumbents, and giving support to candidates with the best shot of picking up the six seats we need to control the House of Delegates and ensure a fair redistricting process,” said the Macker, aka Terry McAuliffe, my (sigh) favored choice for the Democratic Party nomination.

The mass e-mail included a link to House Democratic Caucus chair Ken Plum’s Invest in Virginia PAC.

McAuliffe critics wondered aloud during the primary if he would utilize his support and donor lists to the benefit of the party in the fall should he lose in June.

I want to see him do more, but hey, he’s doing something.

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– This happens on both sides, I know, but I have to say, it bothers me when a Republican finds out I’m a Democrat and wants to spend forever and 10 years trying to convert me.

A guy tonight at the Augusta County Fair went on and on and on (and on and on and on) with extreme right-wing views on the Constitution and health care and HUD for close to an hour.

I’m working the New Dominion/Augusta Free Press booth all week, and I’m there to engage readers, and this guy has an ND in his hand, so I feel it necessary to engage. Not agree, or hold back on my disagreement, but you owe it to people to listen.

But at some point, you know, you agree to disagree, right?

Maybe not.

I’d still be there getting lectured on what a “well-regulated militia” really is if not for the fact that the fair has a closing time.

– Programming Note: 20th District House candidate Erik Curren and 25th District House candidate Greg Marrow are scheduled to be in attendance at the Augusta County Fair Thursday. 24th District candidate Jeff Price made a cameo appearance tonight and is planning to be back Friday. My task is to corral each of the candidates for a sitdown at the ND/AFP booth. Stay tuned to see how I do to that end.

– Still haven’t had any good contact with the Steve Shannon campaign. Still waiting to get schwag from the Deeds folks. My one and only meeting with Jody Wagner that was enhanced by the delivery of some Wagner campaign schwag ahead of the event is looking pretty good now.


– Column by Chris Graham



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