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How to start a new blog?


So, you want to start a new blog for sharing your ideas and skills with the world. Fortunately, starting a new blog has been made easier than ever before! You simply need to follow some simple instructions and get your blog started today.


Step 1

Before you commence following the instructions to start a new blog, you will want to consider certain things, which include;

  • The amount of time blogging will take
  • The cost of blogging
  • Possibility to make money through blogging


Step 2

This includes choosing a particular platform for blogging. There are many different platforms to choose from, such as Tumblr, WordPress and blogger. Of the many, WordPress is the most preferred option as it is very user friendly, free and suitable for people who have never made a blog before.


Step 3

You have to choose a domain name for your blog before you go any further. Domain name is significant because;

  • It generates first impression on website visitors
  • It can influence your website rankings on search engines
  • It can define your brand

Choose something that is brandableso that you can keep your blog unique and excel from the competition. Keep it concise, easy to pronounce as well as type.


Step 4

Choose a reliable web hosting service provider and install WordPress. Web hosting is indispensable for creating a new blog because it keeps your blog accessible for everyone. Web hosting stores images, files and all the content that your blog has and exhibits to the visitors. The web hosting provider will show you a list of their hosting plans to choose from. Pick up the most reasonable and suitable plan and go further.


Step 5

It’s time to personalize your blog and pick up a theme that is catchy and sophisticated. The WordPress admin menu provides you a list of items that you can use to customize your blog and start blogging the same day! Choosing a WordPress blog theme is the most fun step and the great news is that you can do it all alone, you can choose from a range of free themes and you can also change it later.


Step 6

Now, you are going to add your first post and page! Adding posts and pages is simple and easy to complete with User friendly WordPress items. You just need to select particular items showed on the admin menu and follow the instructions given. Once you complete the posting work, click the ‘public’ option and ‘view post’ link. You will see your post live on the site!! Congratulations for your first post! It is wise to add a tracking system to your site so that you could see how many people have visited your blog.


Step 7

You will want to get more traffic to your blog. This step involves the tips and tactics to bring more traffic as well as ways to monetize your blog. Utilize suitable SEO tools, marketing strategies and formulas to create strong blog contents that your visitors will love.



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