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Sen. Tim Kaine statement on Obama State of the Union


kaine new2U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight.

“In reflecting on the significant economic progress we’ve made over the past six years, President Obama made a strong case for why America is well-positioned for success, as well as what it will take to ensure all Americans see it – and feel it – in their daily lives and communities.  By announcing key workforce, education and training initiatives, help for working families, as well as smart proposals to reform our unfair tax code and make middle class paychecks go further, the President made the safest bet there is – on the talent of the American people. President Obama knows he cannot move this agenda forward alone. He will need to work with Congress and be willing to find compromise. But he should remain firm in defending the policies that have brought us out of the worst global economic slump in 75 years. And he should continue to advocate for more action, including passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

“I’m pleased that President Obama addressed the need for Congress to pass an Authorization for Use of Military Force against ISIL but I am disappointed he did not signal an intention to send a draft to Congress for consideration. I was pleased the Senate Foreign Relations Committee acted last month.  But Congress as a whole will be better prepared to act with specific guidance from the Administration on the language of an AUMF.  I hope that guidance is forthcoming soon.  Five months of war has been far too long to make our servicemembers and their families wait for a political consensus on the scope of the U.S. mission. The President is right that as a nation, we are stronger when Congress and the President are united behind our mission. But additional delay – which I fear may be the case absent an administration draft – dishonors our servicemembers and further cements a dangerous precedent for the future.”

During the State of the Union Address, Kaine sat with U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) to demonstrate their continued commitment to career and technical education (CTE). Kaine and Portman, co-chairs of the Senate CTE Caucus, today introduced legislation to ensure students have access to the highest quality career and technical education programs. Kaine’s guest at tonight’s State of the Union Address was Lisa Barnett, Coordinator of CTE for Botetourt County Public Schools.



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