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Press Conference: Washington Redskins players


redskins-helmetQuarterback Robert Griffin III

On only running 10 plays:

“We came out and did what we wanted to do. We got the ones [first team] in and out. We had an effective drive. You can have eight to 10 plays in one series, two series or three series, and we did it in one. We got some points and almost had a touchdown. The rest of our guys did a good job of going out there, executing the offense and putting some points on the board. I think it was a positive for us. We’ll take tomorrow off and then be back at work on Saturday ready to go.”


On how Tuesday’s practices impacted the game today:

“They made some adjustments, but it was pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball – our offense and what they did on defense, a lot of two-high [safety], one-high [safety]. But they did some things differently with dropping some guys into coverage, doing a little drop eight, which they had done a little bit of in practice, but more so when we were out there. They took some things away, but we were able to progress and get to our other progressions and then make plays.”


On Head Coach Jay Gruden’s run-heavy game plan:

“I think he wanted to get his guys in and out and keep us healthy. We’ll move on to the next game and we’ll get some more snaps. And those offensive linemen like to run the ball. Let them get their hands dirty in there for a couple plays and get [running back] Alfred [Morris] some touches. We played off that really well.”


Quarterback Kirk Cousins

On his play tonight:

“I felt good. There’s always going to be plays you want back, but overall, I felt it was a good first game. I’m learning, growing and building a good foundation for year three.”


On the touchdown to wide receiver Aldrick Robinson and if it was redemption for missing the first one:

“It was a great catch by him on the first one, too. On both of them, he made a great play. It was a good play call by Coach [Jay Gruden]; it put us in a good situation to be successful, and all I had to do was put the ball in Aldrick’s chest.”


On the potential for explosive plays from the running backs:

“Both Alfred Morris and Roy Helu have given us a lot of explosive plays in the past, so if we can continue the trend of having a guy like Alfred run for 1,000 yards each year, we’re going to be in good shape. We’re excited about the running backs that we have.”


Wide Reciever Aldrick Robinson

On his touchdown catch:

“Time of the play was perfect. [Quarterback] Kirk [Cousins] made a great throw and I ran a good route and I got open for him and I made the catch.”


On how important this night was in earning a roster spot:

“Every time I get on the field, it’s important. It’s a tough competition and I know every time I get out there I’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity I get.”


On what he feels he has improved on:

“My route running. I was known as fast guy. As you can see tonight, I can run routes and catch the ball.  Consistency is key and I’m still trying to work on that.”


On if versatility as a receiver is more important than speed:

“Oh yeah, definitely. You want to be known as an all-around receiver. You don’t want to be a one-trick pony in this league.”


Kicker Zach Hocker

On the PATs being taken from the 15-yard line:

“We were both talking about it taking the field, and  my very first [attempt], I took the field not even noticing we were going to be [kicking the extra point] from the 15… and seeing the lineman back up. It’s a lot longer out here than what you think and I’m very happy that we got to convert them. We’ll see what happens with it.”


On kicker Kai Forbath helping him improve his kicking:

“Kai is a guy that I really look up to. He’s had nothing but a successful NFL career, and being a rookie, he’s done a great job taking me in and showing me the ropes. Just a guy that I look up to as far as the way he handles himself in preparation. He’s done a great job kind of showing me that and getting me prepared for the next level.”


On his first NFL tackle:

“Yeah, that was different. The touchback would have been great, but getting to convert the tackle and, you know, I had to make a couple tackles in college and finally getting that one NFL tackle out of the way definitely boosts my confidence the next time they bring one up to make the play.”


Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On if he had a “Welcome to the NFL” moment:

“When [the coaches] called my name and told me to go in, I think that was the highlight. I felt like ‘Oh man, I’m here and this is my time to shine.’ So it was pretty cool.”


On if there were any surprises in the schemes tonight:

“No, sir, we knew exactly what they were going to do. We knew the scheme very well. [Running Backs] Coach [Randy] Jordan coached us up very well, and let us know what was going on and how we were going to run the ball. What he preached, we practiced, and it showed on the field.”


On the other running backs he’s working with:

“I’m honored to be around Alfred Morris, Evan Royster and Chris Thompson. They’re a good group of guys; they’re great running backs. I’m just trying to see where I fit in there.”



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