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Mark Miller: What is wrong with state government


Del. Dickie Bell and his criticism of area teachers showing solidarity for better education is a prime example of all that is wrong in Virginia government. There was a time when Bell, a former educator, worked for the benefit of area youth through teaching and coaching. I can only assume that his current attack on education is based on sour grapes for being let go from his teaching post or the fact he no longer makes a living as a teacher and is willing to stick it to the next generation of teachers.

If the budget assault on education was not enough, the state legislature is now attacking a woman’s right to an abortion. This seems amazing to me. If the state does not want to properly fund education, the obvious solution would be to encourage every pregnant woman in Virginia to have an abortion. Mr. Bell, that would be an easy way for the state to ignore its duty to provide a proper education. I do realize that many of the wealthier members of the state government choose to send their children to private schools. So perhaps only the less wealthy parents should be advised to seek abortions.

There is no waste left to cut. Teachers in the county have not received a raise in three or four years, and sometimes had to beg money for school supplies as parents register their children. How many years have our legislators gone without a raise, when was the last time they had to set up a table and beg for funds for mileage and other expenses they or their staffs accrue?Probably never. If the Republicans that are running Virginia love children and value education as they claim, they need to assume responsibility and fund education properly so all children in Virginia have access to a proper education. If Republicans do not care about children enough to open their purse strings, they should not dare stop a woman that may seek an abortion due to the physical and financial costs of raising a child.

Letter from Mark Miller/Waynesboro



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