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Local activist issues call to action in new book


Author Matt Cauley purports to aim through his new book “Unwrecking America” to provide a blueprint for getting America back on track by creating a new, centrist view of national management.

The notion of centrism is apparently in the eye of the beholder, but among his bromides on how the United States is moving towards socialism and demands that Congress further slash social spending is a blueprint for how the Republican Party can change its course, if nothing else.

“We need people to address serious problems, not emotional problems, not fluff problems,” said Cauley, “but serious problems relating to socialism or capitalism, manufacturing, jobs, taxes. How do we keep jobs in this country from going overseas? How do we make the United States business-friendly? How do we maintain all of our social programs and then spend on the miltiary and all of the other things that we do?

“We only have so much money. Are we allocating that to the best of our ability?”

“Unwrecking America” is a “call to action” from Cauley, a soil scientist from Bath County who has been active in local Republican Party circles.

The ease with which he indicts Democrats as socialists will limit the reach of his book to those left of center politically, but he doesn’t limit his criticisms to Democrats. Republicans have also failed to provide proper leadership with their eagerness to exploit push-button social issues at the expense of substantive policy proposals aimed at strengthening the economy by strengthening the middle class.

“The middle class has always made this country strong, but it seems like the middle class has just fallen through the cracks as far as the politicians are concerned. The Democrats always talk about the poor, the Republicans always talk about the rich. What about the other 80 percent of us in the middle?” Cauley said.

The subtitle to “Unwrecking America” is ”

Solving Our Paralyzing Problems through Grassroots Statesmanship.” Cauley thinks statesmanship is a rare commodity among the political class in this day and age.

“Statesmanship is going to need to come from the grassroots. We don’t have statesmen anymore. We just have politicians,” Cauley said.

People on both sides of the aisle need to engage in politics to a degree that isn’t seen now. And they need to engage each other in this era of hyperpartisanship, where the enemy is no longer foreign, but domestic.

Details on the book and the author can be found at www.UnwreckingAmerica.com.



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