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Letter: Resident backs Terry Short for Waynesboro City Council


waynesboroI am writing in support of Terry Short for the at large seat in the upcoming Waynesboro City Council elections.  I have known Terry for the past several years and believe him to be a man of his word, a man of action, and also someone who is willing to listen to different points of view on a variety of issues.  Terry is the father of two school aged children, so obviously the quality of education our City provides is a key issue with him.  But it seems as if our City leaders have given us the false choice of having to pick between education, economic development, infrastructure, or public safety – pitting one against the other.  We either raise taxes or we don’t give teachers and police a raise.  Terry realizes that we all live in Waynesboro, all of these issues are important, and we must work together on all of them.

I’ve spent time talking to Terry about each of these issues and what impresses me most is that he takes the time to do his homework.  He researches to see how other cities have addressed similar issues and will bring progressive but practical solutions to the table.  I think Terry will be able to work with Council and the school board and bring new ideas to address some of these long standing issues we face.

One recent story may best exemplify this man’s commitment to the City.  A few years ago, Terry created a non-profit organization called The Waynesboro Arts and Culture Initiative, to take over the management and operations of the local Virginia Chili, Blues and Brews Festival. That act alone is far more than most citizens would have done.  We all continue to enjoy this great festival annually because of his efforts. But this past year, Terry took a portion of the proceeds and donated them to the local Boys & Girls Club.  The Club used those funds to hire reading tutors who worked with teachers at Wenonah Elementary helping to improve the reading skills of some of the community’s most at risk students.  Talk about giving back to the community and making a huge difference in the lives of these young people!

Rather than blaming one another and looking back at our missed opportunities, or repeating the mistakes of the past, I believe that Terry has a vision and a plan for the future of Waynesboro, and will bring the passion and commitment to make it happen.  Terry believes in the future of Waynesboro, and I believe in Terry.

Tom Hardiman resides in Waynesboro.



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