news jeff english hoboken discusses why more virginians should be starting careers as graphic designers

Jeff English Hoboken discusses why more Virginians should be starting careers as graphic designers

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Graphic design is a stable career because the skills to do the job are highly in-demand. Not only do graphic designers have no issues finding work, but many can also demand a premium price for their services.

What Duties Do Graphic Designers Perform?

As the name implies, graphic designers are responsible for visual presentations for companies, products, and services. Ultimately, a professional graphic designer puts together, typography, images, or video graphics into a finished design piece.

Graphic designers are often responsible for web, print, and mobile for organizations and get the final say on any published piece. If everything looks fantastic, they get the credit.

Graphic designers are essential for brand success — consumers bond with companies primarily through graphics. A primary example is a logo.

Customers instantly recognize that graphic representation of a company and associate ideas with the design. Excellent graphic designers can convey their message precisely through visuals.

Graphic Design Demand Continues to Grow

Jeff English Hoboken is an in-demand graphic designer in the Hoboken area, serving a diverse range of clients from New Jersey and NYC. He’s also a fan of the industry and thinks that more Virginians should enter the sector.

That state has a rising demand for the profession, with most jobs for entry-level designers paying between $32 to $51,000 per year. Graphic designers may work with a digital marketing company, a design house, or even directly for companies that have large enough presences to demand full-time employment.

Once in, their portfolio will help them land more good-paying jobs in the industry. Graphic design is a subject that builds a robust professional foundation, especially as companies embrace the need for reliable visual representation. Companies that are willing to invest time and money into design have an edge over those who forego the experience. Top models separate one business from another, especially in their consumer’s minds.

Graphic Design Degrees Earn Their Keep

Living and operating in one of the most expensive areas around, Jeff English Hoboken knows the importance of being able to earn an excellent living. That’s why he thinks most students would be better off taking a graphic design curriculum over liberal arts studies.

There are many career paths and education tracks a student could take. Degree possibilities include the following designations.

  • AAS
  • BA
  • BFA
  • BCA
  • MFA
  • MPhil
  • PhD

Depending on career goals, there are excellent possibilities for everyone. With a desire to create and to learn the fundamentals of what makes a superior design, even someone with few artistic sensibilities can improve and become a top designer. Demand is also high enough in some areas like NYC for designers that a degree is not always crucial for employment. If a person develops a strong portfolio and professional contacts, they may still rise in the industry, like Jeffrey English Hoboken.

Experience Matters When You Hire Designers

Jeffrey English Hoboken already knew the importance of design when he attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts. After receiving a Graphics Design degree, he set off to put his theories and education into use for business clients.

Over the years, he gained ample experience to understand what makes design ideal. He works with clients that are hoping to push the envelope by setting new standards. One way his firm does that for clients is they ensure they’re using the latest tools and all of the bleeding age techniques available in the industry.

What’s the Fuss About Good Graphic Design?

The exceptional design carries some benefits, and that’s why modern businesses love the industry. Consider some of the advantages a company gets with excellent graphic design work.

  • The brand looks consistent and professional.
  • People understand and recognize corporate identity and branding.
  • Logos, web design, and print material build credibility, trust, loyalty, and goodwill.
  • The right look helps companies increase their sales while establishing a better market position.
  • Those are strong arguments for increasing the design budget! With the right elements in place, companies unlock a ton of value from their investment in design.

Is Graphic Design a Good Career?

There are plenty of benefits for people who embark on a graphic design career. Consider some of them now.

You get to unleash your creativity and expression. If you have a lot of creative energy, you’ll work with tools that empower you to create stunning, one of a kind works.

Not only that, you’ll be creative in a field with a stable income, unlike many of your artistically-inspired counterparts who will have trouble securing steady money. Without enough demand, artistic expression will rarely pay the bills. That’s a stressful situation and one you won’t have to deal with in graphic design.

If you want stability and the chance to create, then graphic design is a solid choice. You’ll work in an office environment, and you’ll have to deal with people, but the bulk of your day will be creating.

Unlock Your Motivation

A career in design keeps people motivated to work with their art. There’s none of the frustration that comes with selling works one by one. Instead, you’ll get a paycheck to produce continuously. One of the best things about that is that your skills won’t get rusty. You won’t be allowed to put it all aside long enough for that to happen.

Nothing motivates quite like money. Most companies you work for will also invest heavily in state of the art tools and training so that your skills continue to blossom. There’s little chance you’ll stagnate because you’re staying on top of a professional graphic designer career track.

If you love designing on computers, tablets, and phones, there is a fantastic career waiting. Virginia, and many other states, need designers so there shouldn’t be a long period of looking for work. Dust off your portfolio and begin the process of finding a spot. Jeff English did the same years ago and had no cause to regret his decision. With the proper amount of dedication and a genuine willingness to work, you may become a leading designer.


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