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Best daily fantasy sports betting sites in 2021

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Unless you used all the recent lockdowns as an opportunity to do a multimedia cleanse, then you must have run into adverts for online casinos, sportsbooks and the exciting daily fantasy sports websites – especially football. The pandemic has served as an unlikely catalyst for the online betting business and rising from within this industry is the fantasy sports betting category, particularly DFS or daily fantasy sports, which has grown in popularity immensely over the last few years.

So for anyone looking for tips on the best sites for DFS or what to look for in these websites, then read on because this guide should serve as a catalyst to get you started in a whole new world of fantasy football fun.

What is DFS?

Fantasy sports betting has been around for ages but traditionally fantasy sports were played over a season-long competition until some law changes sparked some clever folk to realise that within these laws they had forgotten to state how long a season must be, and DFS was born.

After the US Department of Justice closed down most online poker websites in 2011, the demand for DFS came to prominence and players soon came to love the idea of playing a new fantasy ‘season’ every day. If you are not familiar with fantasy football in general and would like to learn more, find out what makes fantasy football so exciting

What to look for in DFS sites

Most importantly, you need to find a site that does your preferred fantasy sport but preferably one that offers all the major fantasy sports in case you decide to try something new one day, also the style of game offered is important. DFS sites with bonus bets are usually the ones you will be looking for first. Some of the best DFS sites in the US listed here come with deposit bonus deals of up to $500 and 100% deposit match deals.

The major sports offered you should look for are: American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, ice hockey and golf. For the game types offered, you should look for: Head to head battle, massive tournament, satellite tournaments, double up tournaments, and micro tournaments.

Anyone that isn’t as familiar with DFS or the specific styles of games within it should look for websites that offer free events, as this is a great way to get acquainted with the formats and different game types. Plus, you can win some real cash for free.

Other areas you might want to check when looking for a DFS website is what bonuses the site might offer. The most common is a deposit match bonus for your first deposit with the website, where they will match whatever you add to your account.

Keep an eye out for overlays, this is a sites way of putting a guarantee on a tournament so that they do not lose money, if you have paid $10 dollars to enter the value of your entry money could change depending on whether the site reaches its expected amount of entrants.

It is always worth checking out the interface of a website as well because you do not want to be let down by this if you need to make a last minute change to your team. Most websites now have mobile apps so that you can make updates to your team on the go. If you are interested in joining the world of daily fantasy sports betting then it is also recommended you keep up with the latest news and tips from across the industry.

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