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Meet the first 8-year-old featured on NBC’s Sunday Night Football: Zain Hollywood

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Combining the top half of Patrick Mahomes and the bottom half of Lamar Jackson into an exciting quarterback prospect.

Born on July, 7, 2012, young Zain Muhammad aka Zain Hollywood, is fast becoming a household name. His fans will know that this 22-time Flag Football Champion and three-time winner of the Flag Football World Championship Tours in three different divisions trains prolifically – his hard work paying off by garnering the support and attention of a variety of industry-leading TV-outlets, including SportsCenter, ESPN, Texas Fox News, ABC News and Yahoo.

Young Hollywood is well known for being personally trained by former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Quincy Carter. As the number one quarterback prospect for the 2030 class, young Hollywood is set to have a bright future in sports. With feedback from NFL figures, including Mohammed Sanu, Antonio Brown, Vince Young, Roc Carmicheal it is not surprising that eminent NFL Analyst James Jones has been spotted attending one of Hollywood’s games.

GoinHollywood: An instrument of change

Hollywood’s passion is not limited to the football field, as the young phenom dedicated all of his future American football matches to the dynamic social changes he would like to see implemented by the time he’s old enough to compete in college football and the NFL.

Donating to charity with his father, the pair typically spends countless hours giving back to the community and regularly purchases food for the homeless. Young Hollywood consistently sponsored underprivileged individuals who cannot afford to join an American Football Club and offers these individuals private one-on-one coaching sessions free of charge. This is also done with the aim to include children who suffer from mental and physical conditions, who have special needs, ensuring that the spirit of inclusivity is kept alive and well. Being well-grounded, young Hollywood consistently motivated his vast social media following to, “stay healthy, exercise and believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

In a continuation of his travelling training tours, young Hollywood recently rubbed shoulders with Coach Glenn (Antonio Brown’s trainer) as well as the NFL Super Bowl champion himself. Intending to continue training in Maryland in late August, young Hollywood’s fans can look forward to him capturing the NFL Flag National Tournament during the pro bowl of 2021. Several celebrity football camps are lined up on Hollywood’s itinerary this summer, featuring the likes of Odell Beckham, Quincy Carter and Baker Mayfield.

Spotting talent early

As a baby, Zain Hollywood had quite an impressive throw. Recalling an event from when Zain was six months old, Wali Muhammad (Zain’s father) remembers getting a “twinkle” in eye after witnessing his son throwing a bottle clean across the room. “It had somewhat of a spiral and I kind of got a twinkle in my eye,” Wali recalled. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that his son received the support he needs.

The pair enjoys a special relationship and shares an inseparable bond. Having travelled all over the States to attend quarterback camps and competitions, they’ve liaised with industry-leading figures and NFL superstars, gaining valuable insider knowledge about the game.  Most recently the pair worked with Baylin Trujillo, the one-time University of South Florida quarterback, with the aim to develop Hollywood’s overall game knowledge and to hone his competitive spirit.

Modelling his game after the current American football quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson, young Hollywood has been aptly nicknamed “Lamar 2.0” due to their similarities in play and their innovation on the football field. Keeping a close eye on a number of sporting greats, the young Hollywood “models his game after the league’s greats,” his father explained. Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are all on young Hollywood’s watchlist.

Final take

Having accomplished much more at the age of 8 than most players much older than himself, the youngster has encountered his fair share of hardship. Having lost his grandfather and cousin to the ravages of cancer, the youngster keeps a positive and well-grounded mindset. Frequently reaching out to the community – whether it be encouraging his fans on social media to do their best or training underprivileged kids – the youngster has the makings of an All-American football star.

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