Interview with creator of VPNetic Per-Erik Eriksson

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VPNetic is a Swedish-based VPN comparison site whose mission, according to their website, is to offer honest and factual reviews of VPN-services and cybersecurity software.

They pride themselves on doing extensive testing of the security, performance and extra features of VPN-services, free or paid. We caught up with the Editor in Chief to see what their company is all about.

Please describe why you decided to launch VPNetic

“It all started when a friend of mine asked me a recommendation for a VPN-service. I told him that I had started comparing a few services myself and was on the hunt for the best one as well. It didn’t take me long to realise that many of these software providers spend their budget on marketing and flashy buzzwords to confused consumers that are worried about their digital privacy. That’s when we both knew that there was demand for a factual and unbiased VPN-guide. “

Are you the sole person behind VPNetic?

“Absolutely not! I’m joined by the same friend that asked me for a VPN-recommendation, Thomas Henriksson. We also have Karin Magnusson as an analyst who oversees analysing our VPN-tests.”

How do you test a VPN service?

“There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right VPN for you.

Privacy and security of the user comes before anything else. So, when we read the fine-print of a user agreement and notice that they do in fact carry logs on user-activity, we abort our testing and “blacklist” them from our website. Another obvious thing we test is the speed. Most VPN-services claim to be the fastest one, but fact is that even though there are little to no differentiation there are only about 10 out 200 VPNs that can really compete. “

How can some VPN-services be faster than others?

“The short answer is – budget. Servers are expensive, and every year there are new technology to adopt to. Which is why you can see some smaller VPN-services with faster speeds because they only started buying servers recently. It’s a lot of money to spend if you want to upgrade 5000 servers, rather than 100. “

Which VPN do you personally recommend?

“We do our best to be unbiased and leave our personal opinions out of our testing. For me, personally, I do not need a VPN currently for any other purpose than viewing websites from different countries. Some might need a VPN that allows filesharing, other would simply want a VPN to speed up their internet speed. The “best” VPN is highly personal, which is why we have tested and excluded so many services from our lists.”

Any final words?

“It’s never too late to start worrying about your personal data integrity. Many feel that they have nothing to hide but that is the wrong attitude to have as we make our way into a new digital era. You never know who it is that is listening for your information, or what they want to do with it. Get the best VPN-service for you today before it’s too late!”

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