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How to automate your business

businessAutomation is no longer a new concept in every sector of the economy. It is assisting small and big businesses to handle repetitive tasks efficiently and have extra time for strategic projects. This in turn enables various brands in the US, China and other countries to cut costs, generate more sales, expand and reach their goals. The Chinese wholesale market is experiencing rapid growth since most ecommerce websites now automate different processes. In fact, a great number of the necessary tools are free and easy to implement. Here are some of the important tasks that you need to start automating in your business.

1. Accounting

One sure way to simplify the process of making payments and billing involves maximizing automation tools. Taking this approach helps to reduce the costs of training staffs andeliminatesthe need to outsource if you can’t handle it yourself. In addition, itwill keep your finances organized throughout the year. These tools come with features that can produce performance results, estimate taxes and design invoice templateswithout any hassles.

2. Social Media

It goes without saying that social media is unarguably a viable and cost effective toolfor growing businesses in this digital age. The majority of small business owners use at least one social media platform to create awareness and connect with their customers on a much deeper level. Apart from that, many brands often gain more social media followers when they share valuable posts regularly. Tools such as Hootsuite can come in handy for scheduling posts across different channels.

3. Communication

Interacting frequently with your employees, clients and network on a day to day basis can be overwhelming. The truth is that it’spossible to forget contacting some people which may lead to losing highquality leads or missing out on juicy business opportunities. All your employees will be aware of any development when you start using automation tools. There are even tools for capturing the contact information on business cards and setting reminders to get in touch with your contacts.

4. Customer Support

It’s not surprising that several small businesses are enhancing their customer support service with AI powered chatbots. The response is usually personalized and instant. Later on, theappropriate staff can handle the request. Once existing and potential customers discover that their requests are attended to promptly, they will likely continue to do business with you. More so, it makes them to feel that their opinions really matters.

5. Email Marketing

Although there are other online marketing tools like social media, email marketing is still relevant. Beready to invest more resources ifyou want satisfactory results at the end of the day. The best thing is toleverage automation tools with templates that support high quality images and videos. This makes your messages to be more engaging and packed with value as you market your product or service. Endeavor to track your marketing efforts, get real time analytics and uncover insights during each campaign with tools that include MailChimp.

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