How good is your Baby Boomer knowledge?

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Do you love trivia games?

Are you a Baby Boomer?

Do you want to test your knowledge of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s?

Then Boom Again is the trivia game for you. It’s the perfect game to have people over for some good fun. You can either play with your partner or get some help from a teammate. Either way, see which one of you can become the Baby Boomer Champion.

There’s a range of different questions to challenge your knowledge; from things that you learned in school to TV shows, movies, and music on the radio. All of these categories will test how much of a Baby Boomer you truly are.

The game comes in its cigar box, where your most prized possessions were stashed back in the day, and it also comes with some retro game tokens that will make you feel like you’ve taken a step back into the past.

It has over 2000 questions with 6 different categories, meaning that you’ll have loads of hours before you start getting repeat questions.

Brian is the brains behind Boom Again. Creating games is part of his lifeblood, as Boom Again isn’t the first game he’s had the pleasure of creating. Brian created games such as Taboo, Outburst, and Malarkey to name just a few of the 40 plus games that have been published. So you are in safe hands knowing that a professional game designer created Boom Again.

When Brian sat down to create Boom Again he knew that he wanted something that encompassed the main thing everyone wants from a game. Fun. Being surrounded at your dining room table, with smiles on people’s faces and laughing at being destroyed.

Brian had avoided taking on designing a trivia game as there is a fine line between having fun and it being too hard to even be enjoyable. No one likes a spoilsport who shows off answering questions about who the prime minister of Cuba was in 1957 or which element has the atomic number of 41 and is a widely used low-temperature superconductor.

So Brian was looking for a way he could make trivia fun whilst also accommodating the “smart” people in the room. This is where he narrowed his audience. His memories of storing trinkets in a cigar box, little bits of treasure that held keys to unlock memories of his past, trigger his light bulb moment of creating something similar in a game.

The keys in this instance are the questions from the Boom Again trivia game. Sometimes memories sit in the darkness of your mind, something you cannot see, and it isn’t until a light shines on them that they get unlocked. Questions about Pez dispensers or Cracker Jack’s can have you reliving memories that you thought were long gone and will lead you into laughing about similar experiences the people you’re playing with also had.

And that’s why Boom Again was born into the world. A game that is fun, challenging, and a way to engage with your friends and family and unlock memories that you thought were forgotten.

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