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Former AG nomination candidate Jay Jones stepping down from House seat

Jay Jones
Jay Jones

Jay Jones, who mounted a challenge to Attorney General Mark Herring in the spring primary season, announced today that he will be stepping down from his House of Delegates seat.

The Norfolk Democrat won re-election in the 89th District with just short of 80 percent of the vote.

Can’t say that I blame him for stepping down, now that Democrats are set to be back in the minority in the General Assembly come the turn of the calendar.

“I want to put my family first and be the best dad and the most supportive and present husband that I can possibly be. Serving in the House has been the experience of a lifetime – I have forged relationships that I will cherish forever. I’ve long talked about our capacity to rise to meet the moment in front of us, and I know in my heart that this is the right decision for me at this point in time,” Jones said in an email to supporters.

Jones will put his attention on Meet Our Moment, an outfit that he launched to train candidates of color and women to run for local and state offices.

“This effort is real and meaningful and just one of the many ways in which I’ll be able to contribute to our politics over the next few years,” Jones said. “As I look eagerly upon state elections under new lines in 2023 and federal races in 2024, I’ll be training candidates, raising and contributing money, and doing anything and everything I can to help Democrats in Virginia.”

Side note: we were thisclose to endorsing Jones for the AG nomination in the spring, but pulled back when he got the endorsement of Gov. Ralph Northam.

Something seemed fishy with Northam jumping in full throat, more about the governor trying to kneecap Herring than anything else.

Still, we like this Jay Jones fellow, and think he has a future in Virginia politics.

He seems to think the same.

“Believe me when I tell you that the movement and energy we created in 2021 and continue to build upon is just getting started,” Jones said. “My commitment to helping those who have been marginalized, left out, and left behind remains stronger than ever, and I maintain that our justice system is the best way to effect the changes we’d like to see.

“Let me be clear, our work is not done and I intend to serve the people of Virginia for years to come. And that work may well mean a run for Attorney General in 2025.”

That’s what we need to hear.

Story by Chris Graham

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