Fisher & Talwar, Los Angeles attorneys

courtIf you’re looking for a trustable firm in Los Angeles, Fisher & Talwar is your solution. Experienced lawyers focused in three different type practices are willing to take your case not only in L.A but in the whole California state.

What does Fisher & Talwar have to offer to their clients?

When it comes to experience and law knowledge, the firm can provide solid strategies and advice on any case within the three areas they specialize into:

  • Personal Injury: when you get hurt during an accident.
  • Eminent Domain attorney: when the government wants to take possession of something you own.
  • Business law attorney: any issue related to your business, job, employees, partners, etc.

In this sense, the firm offers you heavy benefits that will most likely end up in a winning case:

  • Real knowledge of the law: with years of experience in the named areas, they’ve handled several cases like yours so they can put all that knowledge into helping you.
  • Negotiation skills: the attorneys are ready to defend your personal interests whether the negotiations are with an insurance company, business partner, the government, etc.
  • Personal attention: many lawyers communicate with their clients through secretaries. Fisher &Talwar is completely different; they’ll adjust to your time in order to communicate with you personally.

Why speaking to an attorney when…?

Personal injury

In this kind of cases, time is essential. This means that any time you waste on getting a lawyer, getting medical attention, etc. can significantly damage your case. Car accidents are the most common kind of personal injury cases and they give you the right to get compensation. Talking with a personal injury attorney will help you determine how much you should get, who should compensate you, and how to use the evidence in your favor, getting back exactly the compensation you deserve.

Eminent Domain

It’s known that the federal or state government can take possession of a private property in order to make it for public use. But this possession must be accompanied by the right compensation. That’s something many people don’t know and that some agents use to take advantage of people. With these attorneys on your side, you’ll be able to receive the right compensation for the market value of the property plus relocation charges and others.

Business Law

When starting a business, or simply when having issues with employers/employees, a business lawyer is what will help you handle the pertinent legal issues. Whether it is a case related to employment law, antitrust law, business mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property law, etc. You’ll find a friendly hand in this firm.

Service always available for California

While they’re based in L.A, the firm is ready to attend cases in the whole California state. You can get personalized attention from them from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm but there’s always a live chat available to solve minor questions.

Protecting your interests is the first priority of the Fisher &Talwar team so every connection made through live chat will be attended personally according to your schedule.

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