Cannabidiol: Which characteristics should every CBD product have?

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If I’m to take an educated guess, I’m pretty sure that, by now, you must have heard about the wonders of cannabis. And by wonders, I don’t mean the psychoactive effects it exerts on people, but rather the therapeutic solutions it provides – the plethora of health and psychological benefits that come with the consumption of cannabis-based products such as cannabidiol.

Over the last few years, there have been many success stories flying around about products like cannabidiol oil, cannabidiol gummies, and cannabidiol capsules. And how they’ve helped many people in their fight against depression, anxiety, pain, epilepsy, heart disorders, and lots more.

Unfortunately, the world of cannabidiols (CBDs) is not without adulteration, scams, and fake products. In fact, I can confidently say that there are as many fake products out there as there are the authentic ones.

Due to the presence of these fakes, many people have doubted the ability of cannabidiol to do any of the wonders they’ve heard it does. If you’re also one of these people, I want to take this time to inform you that CBD is not a scam and that it is actually capable of doing all those things you’ve read and heard about it – a fact that’s reflected in the FDA’s approval of its usage. However, we cannot deny that there are some poor, sub-standard CBD products out there, many of which are not even proper CBD-based products.

How then would I identify a proper CBD-based product? You may wonder. Well, below are some of the many characteristics that are expected of CBD-based products.


Don’t even go near it if it doesn’t have terpenes. Taking a close look at the bottle of your CBD oil, one of the very first things you should look out for is the presence of terpenes in the product you’re getting. Terpenes are hydrocarbons released by the same glands (trichomes) as THC and CBD. Although the exact no psychoactive effects, they do boost the therapeutic potential of CBD oil. They are also responsible for giving your oil its pungent aroma and satisfying taste.

CO2 Extract

When it comes to CBD oil, the authenticity of the product you’re getting can be linked to the type of extraction process it has gone through. Although some CBD companies still use the butane extraction process to derive their oil, the best and cleanest oil is always derived from CO2 extractions. So when you’re getting your CBD oil product, you should always lookout for the choice of extraction the manufacturer has chosen to go with. However, due to the fact that some producers don’t provide this info on their bottle, you should always try to buy your oil from the ones that do. In most cases, the best brands in the industry do. But how do I identify the best brands in the industry? Some may quip. Well, it is no tough task; you can always look up the brand’s reputation to discover this. Take, for instance, Royal CBD; not only is this CBD oil producer one of the best in the game, but even recently, Royal CBD was voted as the best CBD oil product in the market.


I know this fact doesn’t probably hold in other facets of life, but when you’re looking to buy CBD oil, nine times out of ten, it is the costlier option that’s likely to give the best results. Why is that so, you may wonder. Well, when it comes to CBD oil production, there is the part that is called decarboxylation – a process of removing the carboxyl group in the plant by applying heat to the hemp flower for extended periods. When decarboxylation is carried out, it gives room for the activation of the inactive part of hemp –CBDA. As a result, the oil is able to provide a broader range of therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, many CBD oil producers skip this process. Why would they do that? You may ask. Well, the process can be quite expensive, and in order for them to beat their competition, they need to offer their products at cheaper prices, meaning that they need to cut down on their production cost.

Natural Ingredients

When it comes to CBD oil, the last thing you want is an adulterated product or a product that is flooded with synthetic ingredients. Unfortunately, due to the increased demands for the products, manufacturers often try to speed up their production processes through high-yield extractions. During this process, they use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Although all these are meant to speed up the growth of the hemp plant, they also eliminate some of the therapeutic benefits of the oil.

Test Reports

Regardless of what a company has promised on the back of its bottle, always check to see whether the products have been tested at the appropriate laboratories. These tests will confirm whether the product is indeed free of bacteria, harmful contaminants, and artificial additives. Many a time, these tests are often done by third-party laboratories or agencies.

No CBD Crystals

Trust me when I say that you really don’t want to buy a CBD product that’s crystal-based only; instead, you should rather look to buy whole plant oils. Although CBD crystals do contain near-pure concentrations of CBD, they lack the therapeutic benefits of the oils. And they also lack any of the terpenes and cannabinoids that make the oil so perfect. Whole plant oil, on the other hand, retains all the cannabinoid and terpene spectrum of the cannabis plant (excluding the euphoria-giving THC), thereby allowing all the naturally-occurring compounds to work in perfect synergy – a situation that is popularly known as “entourage effect.”

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