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Augusta County: We want more guns, and want to shoot Democrats

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The good news for Augusta County residents: the sheriff isn’t going to come for your guns, no matter what the Democrats say.

Then again, the Democrats weren’t going to make him come for your guns anyway.

Facts don’t matter in today’s America, of course.

That was reinforced yet again in Augusta County Wednesday night, where your fearless Board of Supervisors passed a toothless resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary, which has all the force of a wet fart in church.

Actually, a wet fart in church would have a lot more impact than this resolution, which is all about Republicans in Northern Virginia, ironically, considering, trying to make political hay with 2020 in mind.

Seriously, y’all didn’t see what this nonsense was all about?

The push for counties in the western part of the state to declare themselves sanctuaries for the NRA view of how the Second Amendment should read comes from a NoVa gun-rights lobby, so, congrats to those thinking you’re sticking it to the folks up in the DC suburbs.

Incidentally, there was nothing said at tonight’s packed-house meeting at Stuarts Draft High School about Augusta County’s status as a welfare haven.

Those baddies in NoVa pay for your schools, for your roads, for your sheriff who doesn’t want to enforce state laws.

Your hand is out, but you’re defiant. How cute.

The danger: the sentiment expressed by one member of the Board of Supervisors, who declared that “Democrats are the redcoats that we need to fight right now.”


So, we’re talking about, what …

This vote to declare the county a Second Amendment sanctuary being just the first step to armed rebellion?

We need some clarification.

In the meantime, no, there are no state laws on the books now that Augusta County needs to defy, and the legislation that had so many in the bunched-panties set worked up tonight, SB 16, doesn’t even reference the word “confiscation.”

Because it can’t.

Because … law.

There were reportedly 1,500 people in attendance at this exercise in stupidity.

Wonder what it would take to get this many people in Augusta County riled up about their lack of affordable healthcare, how their kids are getting way-below-standard educations, how jobs in Augusta County don’t provide for a standard of living that people in dreaded NoVa, Central Virginia and Hampton Roads enjoy?

Guns are obviously more important to these 1,500 than being able to go to the doctor or being able to pay their bills.

What about the other 73,000 of you?

Story by Chris Graham

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