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Authoritarian madness: The slippery slope from lockdowns to concentration camps

You don’t have to be unvaccinated or a conspiracy theorist or even anti-government to be worried about what lies ahead.


Rivera Sun: Four good reasons not to go to war in Ukraine

The last thing any of us need is a war with Russia over the Ukraine. You don’t need to know much about foreign policy to know that.

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Andrew Moss: Unions must help salvage democracy

Nothing in one part of the country is truly “alien” if it affects any other part. To the extent that the voting power and political voice of millions of people is diminished anywhere, it affects the quality of democracy everywhere.

Tom H. Hastings: Integrity MIA

If you look at how polls and politics are shaping up, it is shamefully obvious that Republicans, in general, simply do not represent what most Americans say they want.

Robert C. Koehler: A citizen of the world (still) speaks

The United States of America is a nation dying of self-inflicted wound


Mel Gurtov: How to avoid war over Ukraine

The threat of a major war hangs over eastern Europe. 

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Earth Talk: The debate over showerhead water flow

The shower is a place of rejuvenation and relaxation for many of us, but it is also a big water hog, accounting for roughly 17 percent of the average U.S. household’s water usage.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: A dreadful first year for President Biden

One year ago on January 20, Joe Biden took the oath of office as the 46th president of the United States.

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Melinda Burrell: Lessons from a war-torn garden

Psychologist John Gottman found that, to keep their marriage, couples must have five positive interactions to compensate each one negative one.


Totalitarian paranoia run amok: Pandemics, lockdowns and martial law

Once upon a time, there was a government so paranoid about its hold on power that it treated everyone and everything as a threat and a reason to expand its powers.


Nonsense in Staunton: Why you don’t put Republicans in charge of anything

Staunton is without a city manager, at a time of year that has the city organization in the midst of its annual budget – and the reason is nothing but pure spite.

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Winslow Myers: Nuclear weapons illegal one year

The corporate-military-political complex that continues to renew the arsenals of the nine nuclear nations represents a colossal failure of imagination. 

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Avoli legislation bullies transgenders students, attempts to sanitize history

The concept of irony is obviously lost on John Avoli, who in the course of writing legislation that exposed yet again his prejudices against transgenders and minorities, also shows concern for bullying in schools.


To nuclear-armed states: Nice talk, now walk the walk

The Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists stands at 100 seconds to midnight – “the closest it has ever been to civilization-ending apocalypse.”

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Warner, Kaine need to fix the Jim Crow filibuster

The Freedom to Vote Act sets national standards for us to safely and freely cast our ballots, ensure every vote is counted, and elect people who will deliver for us.

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Middle River Regional Jail unequipped to prevent unnecessary deaths

I hope I am not the only person in our community to find the New Year’s Eve suicide of an inmate at Middle River Regional Jail utterly unacceptable.

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Podcast: Can school systems defy the governor on school mask policies?

Albemarle County and Charlottesville are going to keep their school masking policies in place, in defiance of the executive order lifting them signed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin over the weekend. Chris Graham examines the legal issues involved.

Martin Luther King Jr.

More than a dream: Honor the reality of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Martin Luther King Jr. that most of us know gave a speech about having a dream, then was assassinated in Memphis. There were actually five years in between the two, and what he did during that time needs to be remembered as much as his dream, probably more.

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The People v. Mississippi: Defending women’s right to choose

Within the next few months the Supreme Court will decide on Mississippi’s challenge to Roe V. Wade.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: No oversight, no accountability

If Congress was graded on a report card, one of the subjects it would be graded on is oversight. Ensuring the faithful execution of the laws and rooting out mismanagement by the executive branch are core constitutional obligations of the House and Senate.

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How will homes of the future look, feel different with global warming?

Recent data from the United Nations Environment Programme shows that construction and use of residential buildings accounts for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Robert C. Koehler: Untangling ourselves from the dark side

The interest of power, when it reaches a certain level of dominance, is more power.

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It’s not enough that we win: We also have to see the other side lose

There’s this guy at the end of the street from my house who stands at a busy intersection most days with hate messages scribbled on cardboard signs hoping that people will honk their support. Why?

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Candidates, keep it clean! The exhausted majority is asking

In some ways, our anger towards each other reveals how much each of us cares about our country and its future. As we start the new year, let’s try new approaches to strengthen the norms of our democracy in 2022 and beyond. 

NFL football

Sebastian Santos: Sporting events and politics

There is a saying that sports and politics should not mix. Though sports have been a way to escape the harsh realities we face, inevitably these events do intersect.