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6 reasons marketing through Facebook is important to the survival of your business

Photo Credit: Tony Leone

Having a Facebook page and facebook advertising campaign in your marketing plan is essential if you want to stay relevant in today’s online world. Facebook has an ever-expanding platform of users who are active daily. With over 1 billion users, Facebook makes it easy to channel your campaign to a targeted audience. You can build a strong network of people who trust your brand wholeheartedly, based on your personalized posts and follow up feedback. You can do this by running ads on Facebook, to promote better exposure of your products, on over one million user’s news feeds. Facebook also allows you to easily implement what you’ve tested in your email marketing strategy. Facebook is an awesome platform that will give you the opportunity to market smartly. When you implement Facebook into your plan, you can guarantee profitability and success!

#1 Make it Personal

Facebook should be used to create a direct connection with many different people. Facebook has expanded from friends meeting up, to businesses promoting themselves and creating memorable brands. Your personal Facebook page should show and tell everything you want your brand to be. It is the perfect platform to target specific demographics in order to create brand awareness.

#2 Utilize the Platform

In order to have the most success you must start with a large group of people to test your ads with. If there aren’t enough viewers Facebook won’t be able to generate enough data. The data that is collected will provide different demographics to create a more targeted audience. The suggested number to launch with would be at least one million users. When you choose to take this full funnel approach you can gain more data to improve your conversion rates.

#3 Know Your Audience

Utilizing Facebook in your business plan is crucial because it is a tool to gather information about your customers interests and likes. Facebook is a machine learning algorithm that collects data in order to target a specific audience. Ideally you will come in knowing the characteristics you are targeting in a buyer. You can then create a “buyer persona” for example, and narrow down individuals based on gender, location, age and things like interests/hobbies. Facebook allows you to implement the personalized traits you are looking for. There is also a tool called Audience Insights that lets you pick exactly who gets to see your ads.

#4 Have a Response

If you want to stand out and build trust at the same time, you need to make sure you provide feedback to any and all comments. By staying active with your followers, you can create legitimacy within your brand. Don’t be afraid to address the negative comments as well. This will show customers you care about what they have to say. Though their expectations may change over time, this feedback will allow you to be consistent when meeting customer’s needs.

#5 Use the Tools That are Provided

Facebook Ads can generate one of the greatest ROI in the advertising game. With tools like Recommendations, you can almost allow the customer to do the selling for you. If a friend is looking for a recommendation for somewhere to eat they can post it on their feed. Then Facebook will generate links for any comments that you receive, making it easy to directly click and see the business. Facebook is essentially letting users share their reviews for potential prospects to see. This is one of many free tools Facebook gives you to capitalize on!

#6 Budget Friendly

If you’re looking to generate leads, increase engagement and stay on a budget then you need to have a Facebook page. You can include everything you want a customer to know about your business on your profile. This will make it easy for users to buy your products directly and know what your brand stands for. And remember, it’s free! Making your profile stand out just takes time and effort, and once you have it up and running launching ads will seem like second nature. Because there is an unlimited amount of exposure you can get when users share things on Facebook, it is a must to make sure your page is perfected.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you know how Facebook can generate profitability, having your own business page should seem like a no brainer! Because Facebook is so user friendly and popular amongst almost every age group, there is a potential for your business to grow exponentially if you stay active online. If you don’t have one yet, you need to get one for the survival of your business in this active electronically connected world.