5 small golfing tips for your next round of golf


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Golf, especially for beginners, can be daunting to learn. One of the first factors you need to consider is why do you play the sport? Are you in for just some short bursts of fun? Or you just want to meet new acquaintances that may be helpful for your business? Or, you may actually be in for the real deal where you need to be a master at your game? Whatever the case, you need to think hard at what level of commitment are you willing to give in playing the sport.

When that is decided, you also need to put in the right amount of time and effort into the game. Of course, Tiger Woods and even those non-pro golfers did not go into the sports without putting in the proper length of time in the greens.

How much time should be put in golf practice?

Along with the decision of how much time to put into golf practice is the choice of the right golfing gear and equipment. The wide range of options available in the market today simply overwhelming especially to the uninitiated. The same with getting used to the golfing lingo, such as bogeys, bump and runs, birdies and many others, golf equipment has a lot of variations that you need to learn too, so much so that they have a mobile phone app just for that.

That’s why we’ve put up this short but informative guide on the different equipment, accessories, and gear needed for golfing enthusiasts. We aim to put your uncertainties away and make smart decisions on every golfing purchase that you’ll make. Questions such as what kinds of clubs will you need and when is the right time to head to a real golf course will also be addressed here. The main point of this guide is that aside from adding knowledge to your golf game, questions you’re daunted to ask about certain clubs or golf bags will be addressed too.

Choosing the right golf clubs

Naturally, you won’t need as many clubs like the pros, especially when you are still starting to learn golf. Although you can carry as much as 14 clubs in your golf bag, you may just begin with a sand wedge, putter and a driver at first. There are many putters and drivers available online but general sporting goods store also offer used clubs that are still high quality but at a much lesser price.

A wise move before buying a certain type of club is to try it out yourself. Visit a golf shop or even a driving range so that you can practice with a 6-iron club that has a stiff-flex shaft and one with a regular flex. You should feel more in control in either of the two and then that’s the shaft flex that you should buy. When you become more adept at the game and you need a more consistent contact, you can then undergo a club fitting for most of your golfing gear.

Choosing the right golf balls

The basic rule is to buy balls based on how many you lose on a round of golf. But if you haven’t played yet or don’t have anybody to ask around, you can purchase a dozen for about $20+. Like many products now, there are several brands to choose from so you can try different brands first and see how they come off the putter face. When you have already played and you lose around 3 to 5 balls in each round, you can then buy balls that are priced under $30 for each dozen.

Choosing the right golf bags

The sheer weight of equipment that you have to carry around the golf course can be tiring. That’s because not everybody can afford a caddy and even if you have one, there are times that you have to carry your own share of gear too. That’s where the best lightweight golf bag comes in handy. The good news about golf bags these days is that ultralight materials are already available paving the way for easy to carry bags without sacrificing its quality.

Advantages of lightweight golf bags

Due to technological advancements in manufacturing systems, ultralight golf bags can now be easily ordered online. On top of that, carrying a lighter bag means being able to store your energy for the play instead of uselessly putting it on the weight of your gear. Having a lightweight golf bag means your equipment is protected and you will have an overall better golfing experience.

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