5 instagram stats that every marketer should know

5 Instagram stats that every marketer should know

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As we know, Instagram is crucial to social media growth but is it easy to grow on it? Of course not. Getting Instagram followers or any other form of engagement is as difficult as trying to break iron with your bare hands. It is easy for experienced social media marketers to fail at it without the correct tools and details. Most of the marketers prefer to use some of the best influencer marketing tools to get the desired results. This is why we have compiled this list of the top five Instagram stats every marketer should know about, to succeed on it.  Let’s get started with the list so that you can mold your Instagram marketing strategy to perfection ASAP.

Instagram user statistics

Instagram crossed the 1 billion global mark as of 2020 and has emerged as the second most used social media platform. Instagram’s user growth statistics are on a constant rise and do not show any signs of slowing down. Thus, with the right strategies, you can gain Instagram followers rapidly. The social media demographics reveal that Instagram’s predominant audience is females aged under 34. Gen Z and Millennials mostly use Instagram, making it a crucial social media platform we cannot forget about. But, the real question is – are they available on Instagram for engagement? Well, the average Instagram user logs onto the platform and spends at least 7 hours per week or 53 minutes per day on average.

Instagram content statistics

What is the best type of content to help gain Instagram followers? Well, some statistics to take into account in this section are:-

  • At least 500 million people use Instagram stories daily, making it an important engagement tool.
  • Nearly 50 percent of users say that they have made an off-platform purchase after seeing someone use it on their Stories.
  • Story Ads on Instagram have a 73% higher CTR than the feed campaigns. This means that you effectively get more engagement with Story Ads than Feed Ad Campaigns.
  • As for feed posts, carousel posts have higher engagement rates (1.94%) than images (1.74%) and video (1.45%) posts.
  • Instagram is boosting Reels and will continue to do so. More than 70% of marketers have increased their video investment budgets.
  • Many of the people prefer to opt for the best time to post on instagram to get maximum engagement.

These statistics throw some light on the various forms of content available on Instagram. We suggest you keep stories, carousels, and short-form video (reels) a part of your content consistently. These will help you reach a wider audience and gain Instagram followers with ease.

Instagram advertising statistics

Ads are a great way to promote your business and ensure that they reach your ideal Instagram followers. More than 50 percent of marketers target half of their marketing budget towards social media ads. Research suggests that Instagram stories ads generate around 35% of the total engagement. Also, the Cost Per Click (CPC) has dropped for Instagram Feed and Stories ads, which makes it a clever investment at the time. Influencer marketing has recently grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Surveys say that nearly 87 percent of people were driven to purchase a product after seeing influencers. Moreover, nearly seven out of ten people move to Instagram to discover products before any purchase. If you go for Influencer marketing, make sure to focus on image posts and stories as they are considered 78% and 73% effective, respectively.

Instagram business account statistics

Surveys suggest that more than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business on the platform. Instagram constantly rolls out new features and shopping options to boost business accounts. This helps drive sales and gain Instagram followers. The platform recognizes marketing efforts and is focused on turning more brand-friendly. The ability of brands to showcase their products, provide customer service and support on Instagram are additional reasons for the platform’s popularity. The platform was predominantly used by B2C marketers but is shifting to B2B now. More than 46% of B2B marketers have used Instagram for marketing within the last year. One thing to take away from this section is that Instagram does not result in direct sales but is effective for spreading brand awareness.

Instagram creator account statistics

Instagram recognizes that creators attract and keep users engaged with the platform. Hence, the platform launched the Creator account type to provide them with benefits. India and the US constitute most of the Instagram audience. Moreover, 11% of Instagram users use the platform as their news source. Thus, creators flock to Instagram for exposure and use various newly launched features to gain Instagram followers.


Instagram is an ever-changing platform and staying up-to-date on the various trends is crucial to gain Instagram followers. Similarly, creating and posting unique content consistently is important to keep your Instagram followers engaged. You should know how to adapt and change strategy as required. Instagram has a marketing and selling power that can do wonders for you. We suggest that you start leveraging Instagram’s features and brand features as soon as possible. This will help you make the most out of it before the feature gets overused.

Which statistics blew your mind? Were you surprised by the power and potential Instagram has? What would you change in your content strategy to make it more effective? Did this guide shed some light on Instagram’s features? Let us know in the comments below.

Story by Robert Grier

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