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3 easy DIY tutorials that beginner crafters can make in their own home

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Arts and crafts are becoming more and more popular as a fun activity parents can do with their children. Especially when kids are stuck at home due to the global pandemic, finding creative and entertaining ways to continue using your brain and make artistic products is vital.

Finding a creative outlet that helps you use your brain and channel your energy into a project is great for when you are bored, want to create something, or are stuck inside on a rainy day. One of the best products you can use to create arts and crafts is using an engraver to personalize your unique home decorations or gifts for other people.

Let’s see some DIY craft ideas you and your family can do together.

3 easy DIY tutorials – check out this Glowforge review

A Glowforge is a laser engraver that makes it easy, fast, and simple to engrave your arts and crafts. You can see some more reviews and tips of Glowforge at Clarks Condensed. Using this product, you can create easy DIY projects for you and your children that make great presents for loved ones.

There are plenty of benefits of doing arts and crafts with your kids. Some of the reported benefits of having your kids try to do artistic activities include:

  • Enhancing their fine motor skills.
  • Being able to identify different shapes and colors.
  • Enhancing their creativity.

By encouraging your children to embrace their creativity and imagination, you can nurture their artistic ability.

Along with these reported benefits, doing activities with your children is a great way to spend one-on-one time and bond with your children. Taking time out of your busy day to do one of these three easy DIY projects not only helps your kid with their creativity and motor skills but can help you to connect with your child over a fun activity.

Marble art

One of the easiest ways to create a memorable painting or wall hanging is by using marble art. You can also use your Glowforge to engrave some print on the marble to create a personalized gift. The only steps needed are to use some old nail polish, scrap paper, another hard surface, and toothpicks.

Build a bookcase

To get your children into reading, what better way to start than building a bookcase or bookshelf together? Help your kids learn how to use power tools and a glowforge carefully by teaching them the proper safety steps. Build basic woodworking skills by building a bookshelf together.

Build a treehouse

Kids nowadays are stuck inside on their iPads and phones. Instead of getting your kid addicted to electronics, get them interested in arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Building a treehouse together is a great way to bond with your child and help them simultaneously become one with nature.


Using Glowforge is an easy way to engrave your arts and crafts projects with your kids. To make memorable and unique gifts or home decorations, check out these three DIY projects that are easy, fast, simple, and create long-lasting memories and decorations.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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