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Why mobile device backup is growing

online printingRemember the good old days when mobile devices were used exclusively for calling and texting? Well, times have changed, and mobile phones have become a part of us. People are comfortable with storing sensitive information in them. It’s safe to say that mobile phones have become indispensable in our lives and are taking over roles that were initially meant for PCs.

Mobile devices allow you to send and receive emails, store data, download, and upload files and complete financial transactions. One cannot clearly understand the importance of their phone until it’s stolen or damaged. In such an instance, the highest probability is that it’s wiped clean and all your data is lost. This is one of the reasons why data backup is significant.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile device backup is proliferating:

Protection From Theft

According to the FCC, more than one million mobile devices are wiped clean every year. The loss of mobile phones is very common, and we are all aware of the consequences that arise when it happens. The loss of a phone not only means a significant monetary loss but also the loss of private data, including photos, messages, among others.

Therefore, it’s crucial to continually back up your mobile device so that you spare yourself the heartbreak and save on time lost starting all over again when you lose all your data. It’s very hard when you lose a project that you worked so hard on. Cloud service providers like KeepItSafe offer mobile and endpoint backup solutions that can help mitigate such risks.

Malware Attacks

More than five billion people use mobile phones with an internet connection, and the number keeps increasing every year. The presence of an internet connection exposes mobile phones to a higher risk of malware infestation. The thought of not having an internet connection is scary to most people but being online is scarier as the risk of being attacked by malware is higher.

Those of us that use employee-owned laptops or mere phones as extensions to work computers should ensure that all data is backed up. Viruses and Trojans take the form of software and can cripple your OS. Once this happens, it means that you will be forced to install a new OS which could lead to the loss of some vital data. Malware attacks are increasingly targeting phones because sometimes business owners use them to store crucial files and even send confidential emails.

Accidental Data Loss

Many mobile device owners have lost data or at some point damaged their mobile device by accidentally erasing data, dropping their phone in water or leaving it with children who end up messing up with it. In some cases, you can retrieve the data but more often than not the data ends up getting lost.

It’s always better to prepare to fail than to fail to prepare. Your data is more or less like having money, and losing money can be painful. The same case applies to information. Therefore, keeping your data synced and backing up your mobile data is very important. Actually, for most phones, the backup is automatic, so you don’t have to keep doing it manually.

Hardware Failure

One of the most common problems with mobile phones today is a hardware failure. One minute you’re comfortable sharing those amazing photos on social media and then your phone shuts down without warning. Every device has got a life cycle, and it can come to an end at any time without any heads up.

Therefore, if you are a mobile device lover, ensure that you back up your data always and keep on upgrading your mobile device software. Most times, whenever there is a software upgrade available, your phone will update you, and it’s wise not to ignore it.


It is said it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, always ensure that you back up your data at all times. Make it a habit, and you will save yourself the pain that comes with losing your data.

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