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What is a data management platform, and what is the best option for me?

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Businesses today are trying their hardest to learn more information about their intended audience so they can scale their advertising and effort to reach their target market. By being more efficient in their resources and workforce, corporations can save time, money, and energy.

One of the best ways to do this is by using an online software method to collect and analyze information about their audience.

What is a data management platform?

A data management platform, such as VoyanceHQ, is a singular program that has a purpose to collect, analyze, organize, and activate audience data gathered from any source. These sources of information that provide first, second, and third-party information can be from the internet, various online sources, offline resources, or other options.

A data management platform aims to give insights to their customers about the business and provide the business with the required data regarding their target market. By having enough information to organize and drive data marketing strategies and online campaigns, the data management platform lets you understand the information you are looking at.

What does a data management platform do?

A data management platform organizes data from various sources, making it available for the high-ups of a business or organization to use the statistics to drive advertising, personalization of content, and customization of marketing to reach their intended audience.

A data management platform can collect data from any type of source, helping the business owner analyze information on a deeper scale than surface level (i.e., name, location, etc.). A business, by receiving the first-party data to analyze customer behaviors, click-through rates, download rates, video completions, personal interests, and demographic information.

Data management platforms can gather data from various sources, such as:

  • Behavioral and demographic data
  • CRM data
  • Social networks
  • Videos
  • Mobile apps
  • Web analytics tools

Best data management platforms

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe provides personalized audience profiles that highlight the most important characteristics of our target market. This allows publishers to build specific audiences and sell them to advertisers, putting the collected data to lucrative use.

This data management platform lets owners build custom audiences, ensuring you are connecting with the audience that has the most potential.


Lotame collects data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, emails, blogs, and social media platforms to get a comprehensive picture of your business. By collecting email and social media data, it has become one of the most effective data management platforms.


For those who want to provide a comprehensive audience profile, this data management platform is a perfect way to get started. This option is a great choice for those who need segmentation and requires customer feedback.


Voyance provides one cloud platform for analyzing and storing collaborative science and data. This company uses various methods, such as a specific product for machine learning models, moving data from sources to warehouses, and building analytical dashboards.


By finding the right data management platform for you, you can ensure you collect data about your audience, find out your desired target market, and tailor your content for the biggest return. Analyzing the best data management platforms and comparing the pros and cons helps business owners find out which software is the best for their unique company.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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