Top motivational tips to help you stay healthy and happy

mental health healthySometimes it can be challenging to keep on track with healthy eating and good habits especially with the amount of temptation at every corner. With all good intentions, you can slip into old habits, which might include exercising less, drinking more and eating tons of treats without a care in the world. With these unhealthy habits taking over, it can start to make you feel demotivated in other aspects of your life. To get back on track you don’t need to jump in with huge changes that will eventually just lead you back to breaking the habits again, as it’s all about moderation and controlling these habits in a more constructive fashion. If you are realistic about the changes you can make and look at these changes differently, then this will give you a better chance of succeeding in the long term.

If you’re looking for a little pick me up and need to direction on getting motivated to stay healthy and happy, take a look at these tips to help you get motivated for a better future.

Think yourself happy and healthy

Most of the journey to a healthier lifestyle starts in the mind and before you even set foot on the road to change, getting in the right mindset is the first step to take. If you can’t imagine yourself sticking to healthier ways, then you won’t. It’s quite simple that whatever your thinking and feeling will dictate how your move on with something so there’s no point even trying to start a new chapter if you know you will fail at the first hurdles. A considerable part of the thinking yourself happy and healthy is also by surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. If you feel like you slip into bad habits due to outside influences, then this could mean a few harder decisions need to be made. Getting everybody on board for your lifestyle adjustments will make the process easier, plus you’ll also find out who truly supports you through the challenging times.

Look at your role models

We have role models throughout our life, and as you get older, these can start to change. Role models are an important part of your life whether you realize it or not. A lot of the time they can be based on what they look like and not what they have achieved. This is becoming more prevalent in today’s society especially where social media is glorifying people who look beautiful and jet off to fantastic locations based on the fact that they can sell a product well. Just like the celebrity world, you have to look at these lifestyles with some skepticism, as, in real life, you can’t just put a filter on something to make yourself feel better. You may not class these people as role models, but as they are constantly on your screens, they are having some influence over you in both positive and negative ways. Rethinking your role models is an excellent way to align the things that matter to you and find the positive ways in which people can motivate you. Find role models that promote a strong and healthy relationship with their mind and body and promote the real aspects of life rather than the ones just for the camera.

Forgive yourself

There will be times in life where you slip up, and this is a natural process especially when you are changing lifestyle habits. No one is perfect but beating yourself up about it won’t do you any favors when trying to get back on the path. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and to learn from them is a healthy part of life, and as long as you can try and steer clear of them in the future, this will help you achieve great things. The important part of forgiving yourself is that you can get back on track quickly and easily and resist the temptation to dwell on things. If you keep looking back, then you are hampering your chances of going forward for a healthier future.

Be patient

Change takes time, and no matter what stage you are in life, making time for change will help you stick to healthier and happier ways. Much like if you have needed to take some time out in a residential treatment center for more substantial issues or have recovered from an illness, this process takes time to heal the body and mind, and no shortcuts will help. Working hard during the process of lifestyle changes can help you realize that nothing in life is easy and even if you see quick fixes or people boasting that some miracle product has helped them, in fact, they are probably masking bad habits and falling back into bad habits as soon as they stop using these. Making a commitment to change can keep you motivated and in the right frame of mind to take the challenge further. It’s also good during these times to appreciate how far you have come, as it can be easy to focus on the road ahead and not the path you have traveled. However long it’s taken for you to get to that stage in your life and whatever your goals were, they should be applauded and cheered on as you start to progress to the next step.

Celebrating your journey is a great way to monitor your progress and evaluating the successes and failures along the way. Nothing in life is perfect, and if it were it would be boring, so understanding this and appreciating what you have can boost not just your mind but also your health too. Don’t make the goal your life’s purpose, as this can start to overshadow the other aspects of your journey. Keeping motivated and helping to motivate others will help you become a stronger and happier person who takes life by the horns and can complete anything you set your mind to.

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