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Three best stick vacuums: Top models with great maneuverability

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The primary reason customers choose a stick vacuum is for their compact sizes and the great level of maneuverability. They are an ideal solution for quickly cleaning small to medium messes in your houses or apartments. But what is the best stick vacuum around? These recommendations will help you answer that.


1- Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap (ZS362) Stick Vacuum

The simple yet effective DuoClean technology is what makes the Shark products stand out from the pool of stick vacuum cleaners on the market. And the APEX Zero-M stick vacuum is a prime example of that feature.

This product does not care about most types of pet hair, or even human hair, at all. It just collects them all for you. If you have used stick vacuums to clean pet hair, you may have noticed that most of them have trouble related to the roller brush bristles, which usually accumulate hair wrap in a short time. Shark, as a leading vacuum manufacturer, acknowledges this and tries to find a solution.

With a bristle guard and a combining system, the brush roll can remove pet hair as it turns. The simplicity of this solution makes it less likely to fail while saving you a lot of effort and time. As a result, you now have a hair-free brush roll.

Another reason we call the ZS362 one of the top rated vacuum cleaners is its dust cup, which has a large capacity – 0.74 quarts. It won’t get filled up quickly by the dust. This is why the APEX DuoClean is an ideal model for those with large houses or apartments.

When you want to clean large areas, the long power cord will come in handy. You will not need to put a lot of effort into finding and switching between power outlets to get the job done anymore. The cleaning head comes with swivel steering and LED lights, which make the Shark ZS362 easy to use and maneuver anywhere in your house, even when you have a lot of hard-to-reach spots.

It also performs well enough, not just with pet hair, but all kinds of debris, in both carpets and hardwood floors.


  • Great performance with pet hair
  • Work with both carpeted and bare floors
  • Swivel steering
  • Quiet operation
  • A sealed and washable filtration system
  • LED lights on cleaning head
  • Versatile


  • Heavy and bulky, especially at the top
  • Short hose
  • May get stuck on rugs


2- Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner, SH20030

If you prefer affordable but decent vacuums, which can deliver acceptable results in light to medium-duty jobs, products from Hoover are probably the best bet for you. This brand has consistently produced a great solution for those with a tight budget while not compromising too much. And the SH20030 – a bagless corded stick model – is one of them.

Don’t get your hopes up. This lightweight vacuum will not come with so many well-crafted features and modern technologies like other expensive high-end models. Heavy-duty users and power users may find its lack of functions a little disappointing. But given its cheap cost, it’s in no way a bad product. In fact, Hoover SH20030 provides outstanding value for your money with high stick vacuum ratings.

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The suction power is pretty remarkable for its price, while the side brushes and motorized roller brush are amazing bonus features. It can clean against the runner boards and walls in your house. When switching between carpeted and hardwood floors, the transition is effortless and won’t bother you much. But remember that this vacuum is not an ideal solution for plus carpets though it works well on low-pile rugs and carpets.

With the length of 20 feet, its power cord is not the longest you can find. But the SH20030 still enables a decent area for you to work with, thanks to the swivel steering technology. With its soft wheels, this vacuum will not scratch your hardwood floors, which is great news for owners of those sensitive surfaces.

The filters do not require you to clean them often since the suction has the cyclonic effects, which clean fine-dust incredibly. At a weight of 10.6 lbs, the vacuum provides great maneuverability.

The warranty policies and customer services also help cement Hoover’s position as one of the reputable brands on the market. With a 2-year warranty – longer that most of its competitors, it can bring ultimate peace of mind. Although you can only expect basic features, the Hoover Linx SH20030 proves that affordable vacuums can still yield reliable results.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Does not damage hardwood floors
  • Good suction power


  • Short power cord
  • No auto-rewind feature
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs or huge areas


3- Dyson V11

The Shark and Hoover vacuums above are all corded models. If your cleaning needs require a cordless product, the Dyson V11 is our recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner.

As you can expect from a cordless model, the V11 is incredibly compact and lightweight, with a weight of just 6.68 lbs. But this small machine can produce a great suction power with concentric cyclones for better cleaning results. The nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery can help operate the vacuum up to 60 minutes once fully charged (which normally takes 4.5 hours). This is possible due to the improved DC motor with state-of-the-art computerized management.

If your house has both carpets and hardwood floors, you will be happy with the powerful cleaning head, which produces high torques to effortless clean any types of surfaces with the help from the carbon fiber filaments and sturdy nylon bristles. Other accessories included in this best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors are dirt brush, mini dusting brush, crevice tools, combination tools, and a mini motorized tool.

The dirt bin has a capacity of 0.2 gallons, which is bigger than average. It’s easy and clean to empty. The touch button allows you to get rid of the collected dirt from the vacuum. With the LED display, you can have an idea of how your machine is running, which has three modes of operation- Auto, Power Boost, and Auto.

Being the best cordless stick vacuum, the SH20030 comes with a wall-mounting docking base, which you can use to store and charge the vacuum.


  • Powerful suction
  • LCD display
  • Quiet operation
  • Large dirt bin


  • Expensive
  • Long charging time



With two corded and one cordless model in our stick vacuum reviews, we hope you now at least have an idea what a top-rated model looks like. They all have similarities and differences, and the decision is totally up to you.


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