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These 10 innovative paper towel brands are the future

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The paper industry is one of the most significant factors in the rise of global warming as they cut down countless trees every year. This is to make paper products of all kinds, especially paper towels. The addition of plastic to paper towels makes them even worse, and a solution is needed. Thankfully, some companies have already taken steps in the right direction, and you can find some fantastic products from them that are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment either. Here are the top 10 companies that we think you should know about and even try for yourself when purchasing paper towels.

1. Whogivesacrap

Bamboo paper towels are a favorite for many people, thanks to their high quality and biodegradable composition. The paper towels they make are a blend of bamboo and sugarcane and provide a comfortable user experience. As a bonus, they use half of their profits for improving sanitation in developing countries.

2. Reel

Reel has recently gained a lot of popularity for creating high-quality bamboo paper towels that are as good as regular ones and quite affordable. They are making significant progress in turning the paper towel industry towards a better future.

3. Cloud Paper

This is another company that creates paper towel products from bamboo. Their packaging is also great, and you can get them in the perfect size for multiple usage scenarios. Everything you see in this product is biodegradable and environment-friendly.

4. Cheeky Panda

If you want good quality and thick paper towel options, then this company should be in your consideration. The quality of products they are creating is impressive, and they are playing an essential role in innovating the way we produce paper towels.

5. Anjia

What is better than biodegradable paper towels? Reusable biodegradable paper towels, of course! Anjia has opened a whole new level of sustainability by creating reusable paper towels which you can use more than 80 times! That is essentially replacing half a year’s worth of paper towels.

6. Ecolifestyle

This is also another great reusable paper towel producing company that significantly reduces the environment’s impact. With up to 100 times reusability for each sheet with machine wash compatibility, it substantially reduces your paper towel usage.

7. Bamboora

Bamboora creates some of the best reusable paper towels that you can find anywhere these days, and you can reuse each sheet for up to six months or 85 times! The two-ply sheets are great to use and are a fine example of their innovation.


Not everyone can grow bamboo forests everywhere, but you can still make sure you protect the environment if you do things responsibly. This company does exactly that by creating completely biodegradable paper towels using wood FSC certified forests only. They also claim up to 200 times reusability for each towel unmatched by most paper towel companies.

9. Bambaw

This company has made reusing paper towels incredibly easy by making them using polyester and bamboo and claiming 100 times reusability. These paper towels are machine washable, soft to use, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic as well.

10. Ecosophy

This company has developed strong bamboo paper towels that beat most other brands by a considerable margin with 2000 times reusability and 150 wash cycles. The environment, friendliness, and cost-effectiveness of their brand are astounding.


All the brands mentioned here are doing a fantastic job at keeping our future secure. Their research for manufacturing plastic-free biodegradable paper towels makes them pioneers in an effort that should be our top concern right now.

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