Starting a business: Everything you need to know

businessStarting a business can be life-changing, for both good and bad. You’ll struggle and have a fair amount of hardships at the beginning, but if you persevere and believe in yourself and your idea, you just might make it all worthwhile in the end. To minimize those hardships and give you the start you need, we’ve decided to compile a list of everything you have to consider before plunging into the business world, and a couple of things to avoid.

1. To make money you need money

Now we’re not saying you need millions of dollars to start a business, but most businesses, even smaller ones, take a fair amount to get up and running. You have to take things like licenses, permits, equipment and space office into account, among many other things. There are tons of nuisance associated with company registration, most of which you’ll discover as you go along. No amount of homework will ever fully prepare you for it. That’s why it’s crucial to always have some money in the bank for unexpected fees, such as company incorporation.

2. Think realistically

The idea of opening up a business with several employees sounds tempting, but consider the amount of money you’d have to pay in expenses for one month alone. Doesn’t sound that plausible for someone just starting out, does it? You have to reduce your needs and set yourself a realistic goal. If your business needs two employees to successfully operate, hire one more person only (with you working as an employee).

3. Piece by piece

You don’t have to launch the entire business all at once. Think of the beginning phases as a warmup period for the business. Instead of preoccupying yourself with every aspect, start off gradually with one or two basics and go from there. You might open up a blog first, then offer one niche service, then build a bigger e-commerce website, etc.

4. Outsource

The best and most popular way of starting a business is to find funding from various outside sources. Although this sounds easier said than done, most entrepreneurs who do their homework, know their math and study the field/audience find at least one third-party source of finance. In many cases that includes family and friends who support your idea, but in a lot it’s investors who simply see a great idea and a way to profit from it. The best part about partnering up with an investor, apart from the obvious reason, is the fact that a lot of them probably have experience with what you’re trying to do. As a result, they might help you with insight you never would have known on your own or some other tips you’ll find useful.


Starting up a business is more than just finding investors and having money however. You need to have a good idea, a wide audience, and perhaps most importantly, you need to be confident and determined.


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