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Exploring the charisma, creative process, and work ethic of one of the most prominent R&B musicians in the U.S.

It is no secret that artists and musicians have to regularly face backlash and criticism- especially when they segue away from their traditional bracket of ‘comfort.’

Tackling issues that relate to one’s race, gender, status, or any other issue that is political in nature can be extremely hard to sell, but there isn’t really a justifiable reason for this.

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with polarizing national debates; in times of high social tensions, the world of music can serve as a very powerful medium in which to address certain (otherwise) not talked about issues.

Jaunté Jacobs’ popularity has propelled in the last couple of years. The R&B colossal has recently decided to discuss the origins of his much-awaited song ’Not Okay’ produced by Mantra (who has been credited for the production of Future & Rihanna’s Selfish, Ne-Yo’s 1 More Shot, Pop Smoke & Dua Lipa’s Demeanor, and more) which analytically explores the singer’s own personal issues, past, and personality.

Although it has yet to be released, the powerful song has already amassed a very large fanbase- a testament to Jaunté’s unique commercial ethos.

‘Not Okay’: An expression of personality

Jaunté Jacobs created and recorded his “Not Okay” song within five minutes.

Obviously, with the song being just over three minutes itself, this seems rather impossible, but the prominent icon has revealed that he credits this to the fact that the song was very ‘’personal’’ to him, and consequently the connection that he felt to it allowed him to release his inner artist and explore new facets of his personality.

“I tend to look for my unicorn moments when I am writing my songs… This was definitely one of them.”- Jaunté Jacobs, Entrepreneur and Popular R&B Musician.

“I want my songs to innovate people, inspire conversations, and leave a legacy behind, not just be something that I do for money which will be gone in a couple of years.”

So far, the song has not yet been released, but anyone that has heard it (through the several listening events that he has hosted) has gone on to love it – with a couple of Jaunté’s close friends and label executives even crying as a result of understanding how important and relatable the message of the song is.

Pursuing a dream at 18: Self-made

Jaunté Jacobs is also very popular as his high initiative and personal belief are what allowed him to become the prolific colossal that he is today.

Originally, he was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area and then moved (with his parents) to Landover, Md., before turning 18 years old. Right after, he decided that – in order to pursue his musical career adequately, he would have to relocate by himself to Atlanta – a move that has evidently been “game changing” for him.

Nowadays, he has worked in a variety of different industry-leading studios with a plethora of different icons- such as 21 Savage and J. Cole.

Combating social stigmas: Jaunté Jacobs

Jaunté Jacobs believes that life doesn’t always ‘’offer a dozen roses’’. In a rather bleak world, he always aimed to create the type of music that focused holistically on the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else in between.

Jaunté Jacobs is an adamant believer of exploring all facets of life through his music – the good, bad, and the ugly. This means that he adopts a holistic approach in his creative approach to music, and can consequently produce and record a song out of pretty much anything.

One of his most well-received songs – “Nightingale” is a perfect example of this, as it initially originated from mere bird noises in the woods and eventually developed into a multi-instrumental hit song that included a cello, a grand piano, a violin, and a bass guitar (to name a few).

“I feel lucky in a way… Most artists I know spend the majority of their career attempting to gain their creative control, but I managed to do so extraordinarily fast”- Jaunté Jacobs, R&B musician and Entrepreneur.

Final words

As a final note, it should also be noted that Jaunté Jacobs has gone on to create several other songs that follow that same format that will be released on his forthcoming album “Broken Frames” through his digital partnership/affiliation with a Universal Music Group company.

These include: Sacrifice Me, Last Time, and Nightingale.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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