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Small appreciation gift ideas for police officers

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Being a law enforcement officer is not a cakewalk. It means putting your best foot forward every day and night to serve the nation and its people.

You as a commoner might not realize but seldom a small gesture of appreciation for such officers can go a long way. Whether it is a heartfelt “Thank you” or a small token of appreciation, such acts say it out loud, “We acknowledge and revere your efforts to ensure our and our people’s safety.”

Although the idea is refreshing, how do you find the ideal present for a police officer? Isn’t it a tricky task? To make it easier for you to showcase your respect to our frontline warriors, we have compiled a list of appreciation gift ideas that are small yet significant.

Let’s have a quick look:

  • A customized travel mug: A personalized travel mug bearing an officer’s name and badge number is the perfect gift to present a cop on duty. It is no secret that policemen have a thing for coffee. An insulated stainless steel mug would keep their coffee hot during those tireless hours at the field. This is the gift that would bring up a broad smile on the officer’s face. Don’t trust us? Try giving it to one of the local police departments in the U.S.
  • A wallet to hold their badges: A badge is one of the essentials for a police officer. Keeping it safe is every officer’s priority. By presenting them a wallet with a separate section for the badge would help them keep their identity low-key in secret operations and missions. We are sure that every police officer would feel encouraged to work harder with such thoughtfully selected gifts.
  • A book that reminds them to take a break: Books come in several genres from crime fiction to romance. Picking up a book that matches a cop’s reading preference can be difficult. But it is a good idea to bundle up two or more books of multiple genres including some classics and wrap them in beautiful paper before handing them to a police officer. This will allow them leisure time while they are holidaying at a beach or with their peers.
  • A goodie bag with healthy snacks: Police officers seldom spick their meals to attend urgent work calls. But as a law enforcement agent, you have to be energetic, alert, and always on the go. So, what is better than a bag of goodies? You can go for a ready-made goodie bag that consists of delectable protein bars, and peanut bars. To make it all the more special, you can hand draw a card with a message for the officers.
  • A thin blue line flag: Nothing says “we respect you” better than a customized wooden sign in a thin blue line, the latter being an important part of police flags that symbolize that we as a citizen support  law enforcement officers.The top line in the flag represents the public while the bottom line represents the criminals. So, this wooden sign with the American flag in black and white holds a deep meaning for the police officer. What’s more, is that you can get it done in a customized way to make it appealing and unique. is a known brand to purchase Police Flags.
  • Coffee gift cards: Caffeine is one thing that keeps an officer’s energy levels up. But they have no time to sit for a cup of coffee. Free coffee cards could allow them to grab and enjoy coffee in the middle of a scorching summer afternoon. You can get these cards from a myriad of coffee companies. As you hand them a coffee gift card, their warm smiles would make your day.

Don’t miss out on a chance to show love and respect to those who protect us day and night. Even if you have no gifts in hand, make sure to greet them with a few words of appreciation. It would mean a lot to them, coming from those to whom they have dedicated their lives.

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