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Romantic places for a date in Melbourne

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Even the birds outside know that when it comes to dating, every place can be romantic. But the birds don’t know about dating in Melbourne. The capital of Victoria hides wonderful romantic places for romantic dates. Whether a couple needs a place to grab a bite and a drink or they want to spend the date outside, Melbourne gots them covered. Prepare to be knocked down by Australia’s second-largest city.

Advantages of dating an older woman

Women are famous for not knowing what they want. Well, most of them are younger and are still figuring out what they want in life. When it comes to older women, indecisiveness is a matter of the past. Hitting those bigger numbers means that a woman knows what she wants and needs in her life. That will save a huge amount of time usually spent on deciding where and what to eat. More importantly, an older woman knows what she doesn’t want. Older lady has firm opinions on things that matter. A person can both enjoy and learn from a conversation with her. She’s confident and experienced. Only a few things can throw her off her game. Cherish an older woman, and she’ll reward you in so many ways.

Unique date night Melbourne restaurants and bars

Visiting places known for their romantic auras with a mature lady is always a good choice for a date night. There are many bars and restaurants where couples can have a great time, but we’ll mention only our TOP 3. Those cougar bars in Melbourne are suitable for singles too because many single ladies go to seek partners there. That gives men a chance to enter as a single and exit hugging a hot mature lady.

Vue de Monde

Vue de Monde is in Melbourne’s most famous building – the Rialto building. An amazing view is guaranteed because guests are sitting on the 55th floor. There’s a wine cellar in the restaurant that holds over 2000 bottles of the finest wines. Most of them came from wine regions across Australia. A couple who wants to experience luxury and be treated like a celebrity should pay a visit to this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

State of Grace

This gem is in the center of Melbourne, so you’re really in the middle of happening there. At the street level is a European flavored restaurant, and inside is a hidden cellar bar called Fall From Grace. If you think that’s it, think again. The state of Grace also has a stunning rooftop where you can be casual and relaxed while drinking juicy cocktails. All couples will enjoy this gem in the middle of Melbourne, whether they want to eat, drink or do both.

Trinket Bar

Located on Flinders Lane, Trinket Bar is a place where Art Deco still rules. On the ground floor, one can enjoy both drinks and food. If you’re interested in doing things in Melbourne style, all that needs to be done is open a wardrobe. Yes, just like in Narnia. Behind the doors is a hidden cellar bar, a place made for letting go of every bad thing and enjoying good things in life. The beautiful interior will spark up conversation in no time.

Romantic picnic in the Royal Botanical Gardens or Treasury Gardens

Any plant or nature lover would remember a date in The Royal Botanical Gardens. This place is home to over 8500 plants, trees, and herbs. Just imagine all the smells and colors. The great thing is that the entrance is free, so all a person needs to do is pack a picnic basket, fill it with some fine wine and sandwiches, and let nature do its magic.

Melbourne Star

Adrenaline and sightseeing are possible all in one date. Take your partner on one of the world’s biggest observation wheels. The amazing thing about Melbourne Star, besides the view, is the fact that it works like a charm on every type of person. Who doesn’t want to experience magical Melbourne from a bird’s point of view? Casual talk or popping up the question – it’s all up to you.

Book a Melbourne romantic escape

Running away for a romantic weekend in the countryside is the perfect trip for any couple. It only gets better once autumn colors take over nature and make everything even more romantic.

Take a day trip to the picturesque Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula offers a little bit of everything for everybody. A person can enjoy Australian cuisine, try out great wines, walk-in gardens, or play golf. This is Australia’s beloved holiday getaway, and you can see why. Grab your better half and enjoy nature, whatever season you decide to go.

Enjoy Melbourne sunset kayak tour

Paddle a kayak on the Yarra river that runs through the center of Melbourne. A couple needs to choose the timing wisely, or a sunset turns into darkness. A tour usually lasts for about 2,5 hours, enough time to enjoy the magnificent sights Melbourne has to offer. There’s plenty of things to talk about or to do in that time frame; the choice is yours.

Hope you like our list of things to do with a partner in Melbourne. Even if you decide to do something completely different and not from this list, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Story by Olivia Simpson