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On the Road Again: 10 tips for enjoying your RV life

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Living the RV life is nothing short of amazing. Being able to get away from the nine to five grind and travel the countryside in your own RV is life-changing. If you are new to RVing fun, it may feel a little intimidating getting started. If RV life is beckoning you to oblige, allow these tips to help you become more comfortable so you can better enjoy the RV way of life.

RV Life = Freedom

On the open road, riding along in your RV, there seems to be much less stress. When you can truly disconnect from the stress of your busy world and get away from it all, then you will have experienced true freedom. The RV life is not always an easy one, but it is full of fun adventures and timeless memories. Once you have logged some miles behind the steering column of your RV, you will never want to turn back.

10 Tips for Enjoying Your RV Life

RV life is something you must experience for yourself to fully understand. You can read articles and watch videos all day long, but you will never gain a true feel for RVing until you set out on your maiden voyage and start to gain real-life experience. Allow the following tips to make RVing more enjoyable.

  1. Learning to use and maintain your RV is essential. From the tires to the dashboard, you need to inspect everything before heading out. Your RV has a lot of weight so the right tire pressure, size, and tread depth are critical. Check here for the right tires.
  2. When you first start off RVing, make sure to plan carefully. Wanderlust trips are fine but save those for when you have more experience under your belt. Make sure you have an RV-specific GPS for proper clearance paths with the headroom for your RV size.
  3. Make a checklist of everything you will need on your trip. Be careful to pack what you need, but not too much to weigh your RV down.
  4. If you are taking a pet with you, make sure their needs will be covered. Pack the right food and supplies, and have safety protocols in place. Check here for your pet’s needs.
  5. Driving an RV is stressful at first so you will want to plan to take as many breaks as possible. Do not try to drive straight through your route or you will regret it. Get out and stretch often to avoid fatigue.
  6. Although it can sometimes be unavoidable, try to avoid driving an RV in bad weather. It can be extremely dangerous to drive an RV during periods of high winds or heavy rains. If you get caught in a storm, try to find a safe place to park and evacuate the RV if necessary.
  7. Staying alert while driving your RV is critical. If you are finding yourself getting overly tired, it is time to stop for a break or get someone else to drive. You must always be alert and drive proactively to keep everyone in your RV safe.
  8. For your first few trips, it would be wise to make reservations at the many RV campgrounds located across the country. Here, you will have access to sewer and electric hookups, making your stay much more comfortable and fun.
  9. It is also important you carefully plan your meals for your RV trip. While you could always stop for fast food, it gets old after a while and it is unhealthy. A well-stocked RV pantry and fridge will allow you to cook fabulous meals over the campfire or on your own RV stove.
  10. Once you reach your campsite, knowing how to properly set up your RV is imperative. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time to get things done before dark. Once you grow accustomed to the steps, it will be much easier and faster. Beginners often find it difficult to set up in less than an hour.


There is no better way to live than in an RV, touring the countryside and becoming one with nature. The above tips are meant to help you find freedom on the open road so you can truly enjoy the RV life and all it has to offer. The feeling of RV travel cannot be compared to any other. It is in a class by itself and must be experienced first-hand to be thoroughly understood.

If you would like to learn more RV tips, check CampingMoz for more about RV life and kitchen appliances. Living life on the open road, while being able to take your home with you, is something most people can only dream about. Do not neglect this opportunity to live life to the fullest.

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