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Thomas Jefferson: The Man Behind the Myths


jeffersonThe Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society will present an all-day forum, “Thomas Jefferson:  The Man Behind the Myths.”  on April 11, at the University of Virginia’s Jefferson Scholars Foundation, 112 Clarke Court, Charlottesville.

In the past few decades, historical scholarship has obscured the true character and thought of Thomas Jefferson This forum will address misconceptions and misunderstandings concerning the historical Jefferson.  Admission to this special event is free and open to the public. Further details on the speakers and the themes of their presentations can be found at Tjheritage.org under the menu button Events & Videos.

Thomas Jefferson was a man of profound dimensionality.  He was a statesman, politician, philosopher, architect, meteorologist, farmer, philologist, paleontologist, biologist, and inventor, among other things.  Nonetheless, he is generally known to the public today only as the writer of the Declaration of Independence and an owner of slaves.   This conference will explore beyond this narrow perception of America’s third president.

Because Jefferson wore so many hats, he is enshrouded in myths.  This forum will explore the person behind those myths.  Topics to be discussed include Jefferson’s learning process, his conception of history, his notion of the relation between the mind and body,  his importance as an architect, the influence on him of the Christian religion, and the centrality of morality in his political philosophy.



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