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SEO benefits of on-site blogging


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On-site blogs, with regular and authentic content updates, are a vital part of any successful online marketing strategy. Interesting and carefully written content will attract potential clients, while adding a number of great SEO benefits.

To explore the advantages of SEO blogging further, we sat down with the founder of Ruby Search Solutions, a leading name in SEO Cape Town. He believes that all businesses can benefit from an active on-site blog. Here are his top 5 benefits of SEO blogging:
1. Superior Ranking
On-website blogs play a big role in improving your search engine ranking. Most people never venture to the 2nd search engine page, which is why it is so important to stamp your dominance. A higher search engine ranking will allow you to target your specific niche market.

Regular content updates show the search engines that your website is alive, relevant and completely deserving of a superior ranking.

Growing your website ranking results in more traffic. Elevated traffic helps increase sales, leaving you smiling all the way to the bank.

Web crawlers that explore whether a website is worth the mention or not, tend to ignore sites that remain unchanged for long periods of time. On the other hand, crawlers adore discovering fresh content, rewarding your business website with a higher page ranking.
2. Increase Leads through Social Media Sharing

Social media as a marketing tool is bigger than ever before. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create a direct link between buyer and seller, usually at no added expense. Clients appreciate content that is informative and relevant, and will often share it on their social media accounts. By sharing your content, your brand will become visible to people who may not have known it even existed, allowing its reach to grow.

This process of viral sharing allows your content to move into the realm of advertising, showing potential clients that you are confident and have authority within your specific niche.

Now that your content has brought potential clients to your website, ensuring that your blogs are written with strong calls to action will make it possible for your lead generation to prosper. As traffic grows, so too will your sales.
3. Rank for Long-Tailed Keywords

While most websites will be able to rank for specific keywords, having a blog with regular content makes it possible for your business to rank for long-tailed search queries. Having more content is the best way to rank for highly-specific phrases. Ranking for less common, but ultimately higher-converting keyword phrases makes it possible to target a specific audience, which in turn allows your sales to flourish.
4. Improved Conversion Rates

An active blog indicates that your business is alive and well, maintained and loved. A blog with high-quality content can play a crucial role in building brand loyalty. If your clients see that you are dedicated to maintaining your website, they will rest easy knowing that you will show the same dedication when working with them.
Generate more Inbound Links

High-quality inbound links to your website form one of the main pillars of successful SEO. When you add content that is informative, it can act as a resource for other websites or bloggers. When these players share your content, or reference and cite your content within their own, the number of inbound links back to your website will accumulate.

Besides the added advantage of referral traffic back to your site, inbound links allow the search engines to view your business as a significant player, increasing your traffic and search engine ranking.



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