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Poll: Support for Trump impeachment ratchets up


public policy pollingA week ago, 35 percent of Americans wanted to impeach President Trump. A new poll has a higher number backing impeachment.

Public Policy Polling has 40 percent of us calling for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. Forty-eight percent would be opposed to impeachment, down marginally from the 50 percent who opposed impeachment last week.

Diving into the why, we could start with the executive order on immigration from last week. Only 26 percent support the idea of a ban on Muslims from entering the country, to 65 percent who oppose that idea.

And only 39 percent of voters think the handling of the executive order was well-executed, to 55 percent who think it was poorly executed.

Of note is that 94 percent of Trump voters support the order, 48 percent of them support banning Muslims from entering the country, but 71 percent of the Trump set don’t think the intent of the executive order was to ban Muslims.

Which makes for good mental gymnastics, among other things in the #alternativefacts universe.

Also worth noting that 48 percent of the Trump voters think the tens of thousands protesting the order at airports across the country last weekend were paid to do so by liberal billionaire George Soros, similar to the number that thought last week that Soros paid the women’s march protesters the weekend before.

Again, #alternativefacts.

Back to the real world: 19 percent view supervillain Trump advisor Steve Bannon favorably, 34 percent approve of him being given a seat on the principals committee of the National Security Council, and 59 percent think the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence are more deserving of that placement.

A little more support for building that wall on the southern border on the condition that American taxpayers have to front the cost for it: at 40 percent, to 54 percent who oppose.

News flash: American taxpayers are going to have to front the money for it. And then will not be paid back for it, unless somebody comes up with an idea to monetize it by selling ad space on the wall, leasing it out to condo developers or building theme parks at strategic points along the path, all three of which are actually among the absolute best ideas of all-time and need to be explored.

That 20 percent tariff is a horrible idea, though 37 percent unwittingly support paying 20 percent more from items imported from Mexico, because that’s how tariffs work, with 50 percent getting it, that tariffs are just dumb ideas.

More from the real world: Trump’s troubles actually have a plurality saying they support Obamacare, at 46 percent supporting the healthcare reform to 41 percent who oppose, and only 33 percent think it wise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, to 62 percent who support keeping it and fixing the parts that need fixing.

Last item: credibility matters, and Trump loses on all counts on the credibility metric. According to PPP:

  • By a 51/37 spread voters say John McCain has more credibility than Trump.
  • By a 52/41 spread voters say the Washington Post has more credibility than Trump.
  • By a 51/42 spread voters say the New York Times has more credibility than Trump.
  • By a 50/42 spread voters say CNN has more credibility than Trump.

That number on CNN is a particular kick in the shins.

Report by Chris Graham



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