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Only three and a half more years of this, and it’s all over


Five sentences, and so much contained therein. It’s not Christmas yet, but Reo Hatfield is doing his part to play Santa.
“They will NOT vote for an increase,” the former Waynesboro vice mayor declared in a letter to the editor published in the News Virginian today, referring to political allies Frank Lucente and Bruce Allen, whom Hatfield says are opposed to a proposed pay increase for city-council members proposed by Mayor Tim Williams, also ostensibly a political ally of Hatfield, though we have to wonder about that now, don’t we?

Where to begin with this … first, I think we can finally disabuse ourselves of the notion that Lucente is the power behind the throne, as it were, in conservative circles in the River City. I’ve been saying that for months, actually, but I think here we have public proof of who at least thinks of himself as the director of the choir. I mean, I can’t imagine that they all sat around the hot stove and drew straws to see who would write the letter to the editor, or that whoever in the group is the political advisor type said, You know, we ought to have Reo write this one, since his name carries so much clout around these parts.

So we have ourselves a power play manifesting itself here. Not to mention a public display of the dissension in the conservative camp here in Waynesboro. Hatfield didn’t mention Williams by name, but the omission was loud, if not deafening, considering that Hatfield reported in the letter that he “made two phone calls” and “spoke to Bruce Allen and Frank Lucente.” “I have not spoken to other council members,” Hatfield went on to detail.

So the guy who thinks himself the Godfather didn’t call Fredo. What’s next – they going to exile him to Vegas to run the slots?

We’re not even six months into the tyranny, and already it’s apparent that the remnants of the Old Guard in charge of things now have absolutely no idea what they’re doing when it comes to running the city. This is the group that in the guise of running a tight fiscal ship has two city managers on the payroll, has voted to raise taxes, wants to pay itself more to do its job, then, wait, no, it doesn’t!

Only three and a half more years of this, and it’s all over.

Something to look forward to there.


– Column by Chris Graham




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