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No Meat March: Can you go a month without eating meat?

no meat marchA free, international campaign organized by The Girls Gone Green is challenging people to go meat-free for 31 days. The goal is to help people think about their food in a whole new way and the results are more than astounding they are life-changing!

According to Executive Director of the nonprofit Julie Watkins, “March is National Nutrition Month and what better way to celebrate than by participating in a community-supported initiative developed to help you feel and look better. I truly believe No Meat March has saved people’s lives and will continue to do so with each challenge we offer!”

Participants go online and pledge to eschew meat during the month of March. There are also options for them to give up dairy, eggs and cheese. It invites those curious about exploring a plant-based diet to become part of a growing population seeking healthier alternatives to animal protein. All the questions about health, food, protein and more are answered making the transition easy and effective for everyone.

Watkins explains, “We just want you to use the 31 days of going meat-free as a way to explore your body and health. It allows you to take a break from foods high in fat and cholesterol to see if you like the way it makes you feel. We are here to offer support and encouragement.”

During the month participants will receive daily emails sharing nutritional information and recipes to support their commitment to No Meat March. A recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided taking out the guesswork of what to eat next. Plenty of resources are available to foster community, allowing participants to communicate, ask questions and get feedback.

“The best part about this challenge is hearing from people years later who say they are still meat-free because of No Meat March.”

The Girls Gone Green is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2007 devoted to environmental, animal and health issues. They organize several events, campaigns and online programs to support these causes.

For more information please visit www.NoMeatMarch.com.



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