newslearn from online slots marketing the 150 free spins bonuses that get attention

Learn from online slots marketing: The 150 free spins bonuses that get attention


For the past few decades, the online gambling world has been on the rise. There are land-based gambling places like casinos that have created online sites and versions and they are exclusively online industries that have been established, which has hosted a lot of online casinos.

Most sportsbooks are entirely online or digital, and it will be hard pressing to find a casino table game or even a video slot which is not available on the web. There is a massive number of reputable online casinos that has resulted in a competitive industry which is fierce and where multiple betting companies compete for numerous customers. Online casinos use a wide range of marketing styles and techniques and also different strategies to make sure that their customers are retained and also to attract new ones. A perfect example of an online casino site is Boomtown.

Casino marketing is a very competitive field that has been changing quickly with the evolution of technology. With around 1,623 casinos all of the United States alone, and 104 of which is in Las Vegas, how can you stand out in this market that is basically saturated?

Casino executives, marketing professionals and other hospitality specialists needs an online marketing strategy that is results-focused and one that incorporates digital marketing with its best practices, and some expertise in the industry, in order to get ahead and beyond of the competition in a saturated environment.

How to Get Started With An Online Slots Marketing?

Casino marketing is a type of industry that is like no other. In the gambling industry, there is a mix of customers with needs, wants and unique objectives. The first thing that you need to do to formulate an online slots marketing is to identify your customers or targets so that you can serve them with the correct content and so that you can build your conversion funnels. There are actually around four casino personas, and they are the following:

The Gamer

Gamers are interested in the casino-related gaming content of any website. They want to know what kind of games you have, the table games that you have, the slot machines that you have and even the number of poker games that you have. You can entice them with different and amazing gaming content by letting them know the type of experience that they will receive when they walk into your online casino.

The Entertainment Seeker

These are people who are interested in events, concerts, clubs, restaurants and more. They just want to have a great time beyond the gaming floor. You may want to get them into the casino by luring them with good entertainment content and by measuring conversion with ticket sales for bookings and events.

The Vacationer

These people are looking to have a good time in places where casinos are known, and they are constantly looking for the right mix of gaming, fun, entertainment, food, attractions and other things to do. You can measure this group with package vacation sales, hotel bookings and other things.

The Business Executive

These are people who are interested in your conference space and showrooms. They want to host business events for their business partners or clients in a venue that has great events planning and an exciting nightlife and that has a lot of entertainment to impress their guests. This is of course if we are going to weigh in on a real casino place, but for online casinos you can measure their conversion by requests for bookings and quotes.

What are the Online Slots Marketing Strategies?

One of the best and the most successful marketing strategies used by online casinos is to promote new promotions and specials. These promotions, together with some lucrative and tempting online casino bonuses have one purpose, and that is to get a lot of people playing their online games.

Most casinos offer a welcome package to all of their new customers. This bonus is comprised of free spins and a deposit match bonus. This is a very attractive offer as it gives new customers a larger budget and a better fighting chance than they would have if these are not offered, plus it allows them more time to get used to the website before they bet their own money. Some casinos even offer affiliate bonuses, which means that review sites for casinos are paid to promote the casino, and they also offer bonuses that are exclusive to players who sign up via the website.

Offering free spins is a great marketing strategy. Customers or players relish the chance to win some money without spending anything. They are also a good way to advertise a game that is newly released. Some of the casinos even offer a no-deposit bonus, that means that new players or customers are given free spins just for signing up and even before they make their deposit.

Another strategy are progressive jackpots. The reason why lottery is so popular as a gambling game is because it gives players the chance to become millionaires overnight for just a few bucks. With a similar method, progressive jackpot slots offer customers the same type of chance. Certain progressive slots have jackpots that can go as high as multi-million dollars and any customer can potentially win them by playing for just a small amount of money.

Online casinos tend to show or advertise these progressive slots heavily in the chance or hope of attractive customers to their site. This is a great tactic and online casinos try and secure licensing desperately for these jackpot slots that are highly coveted.

The most important online slot marketing is social media. In this age, no business can compete without noise marketing through the help of social media accounts as a marketing channel. Online casinos can utilize different online mediums by creating Twitter Feeds, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, which can be filled with the details of the latest promotions and pictures of the winners. The main advantage of social media accounts as a marketing channel is to provide players or customers the chance to read and give reviews. New customers or players will be enticed towards online casinos that have positive reviews, and social media is a good place for players to share their overall experience.

You can also go as far as making a Youtube channel like the other casinos online as it is also a part of their marketing strategy. If someone shows any interest in online gambling, then Youtube will give them recommendations from different online casinos. This is the most cost-effective way of advertising your site.



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