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How to add featured images on your food business website

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For a food business to become a success in Los Angeles, it takes more than tasty recipes and inviting aesthetics. A restaurant or a cafeteria’s website plays a huge role in the success of the business. Likewise, images accompanying the web content also contribute to promoting a food business in Los Angeles.

From menus to social media and blog posts, featured images make up a significant part of the website. So, how do you add convincing featured images to the site?

Professionals creating web design Los Angeles will be well-versed in creating and adding featured images to food business websites. Before you reach out to them, you must understand the concept of featured images.

Featured images are essential to engage the potential customers who visit your food business website. The photos tell the story of your business without taking up much of the website’s space.

Knowing what kind of photo you should be producing for the website will help you choose great images. The featured image that you choose should be relevant to that genre and the catering market.

Food websites should contain images that depict the actual food that a restaurant sells. Let’s say you own a burger joint in Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. In this case, your restaurant’s website should have high-quality featured images showing mouth-watering burgers in their best light, making it look scrumptious.

If you take WordPress, the featured images usually appear under the spotlights of the homepage.

The entire tone can change depending on the type of featured image you choose for a story or post. While good photos may tempt customers to stay longer on the site, bad ones can easily repel the visitors.

So, you must concentrate more on selecting featured images for your food business website. To incorporate the featured images properly and boost leads, you must reach out to professionals specialized in web design in Los Angeles.

If you are a part of the $659 billion restaurant industry in the USA, you cannot overlook the quality of your food business website. One way to improve its quality is by adding featured images to the site.

When it comes to food business websites, featured images will be a part of different categories. The menu items will include a food image tab, which will allow you to upload featured images for the food menu items. And, you can also edit and change the images as you require.

Follow the steps given below to add a featured image to a website.

Step 1

Go to the Dashboard and open the editor of the post or page where you want to display the featured image. And click on the featured image module on the right.

Step 2

Once you click on the featured image module, an uploading tab will pop up on the monitor. You can use the on-screen instructions to either choose an image from the computer or upload it from the existing media library. Select the option that best suits your requirement.

Step 3

You will now see a progression bar that displays that your picture is loading. Once the upload is complete, you will now see new food images in the thumbnails. Pick a good image that you want to set as the featured image by clicking on it.

Add a caption and an alt text to the featured image by clicking the Edit option.

Step 4

Once done, you will see a Set Featured Image button on the side. Click on it and update the page or post to add the featured image to it.

Featured images are the most critical media files of a page, post, or website. When designing a website for your Los Angeles food business, you have to decide what you will communicate and showcase it.

The featured image has the power to change the character and identity of your brand. For instance, if your restaurant is located in Highland Park in Los Angeles, which has a homely and comfortable food style, you have to rely on featured images to promote your business and secure orders.

If your food business is in a niche with lots of competition, then your featured images must uniquely showcase the recipes to help you stand out from the competitors.

Make sure to work with local professionals experienced in web design in Los Angeles. Experts from local companies will have a good idea about the industry in the town and will make choices accordingly.



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